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Frequent CTDs in FSX:SE

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Let me start by saying that I'm a pretty satisfied yearlong Carenado customer. I've always enjoyed their products a lot and hope to do so for many years to come.

The Phenom 300 seems to be challenging me more than other products have in the past.

For some reason, I keep having intermittent CTDs when flying this plane. Or better put, when trying to fly this plane.

Let me start with my system setup:

Windows 10 Pro x64
i7-479K with 32Gb of RAM
NVidia 980 video card with 4Gb or memory
Samsung 840 EVO 500 Gb SSD

My FSX:SE setup is as follows:

Active Sky 2016 (with ASCA)
Aerosoft Twin Otter X Extended
A2A Cessna 182
Carenado C340 II
Some ORBX scenery
Some Aerosoft scenery
Various freeware meshes and sceneries

As you can tell, it's a rather modest setup.

Ever since I've installed the Phenom 300 with the navigation addon, FSX takes quite a bit longer to load. 

The navigation addon itself seems to work, since I can plan flights pretty well without issues. My problems lie in other areas, of which I don't really understand why.

1) Selecting FSX menu items

This can range from just opening a menu from the menu bar, trying to load a flight plan, etc. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it will CTD the simulator.

2) Exiting a flight
Same as the above. Just hitting ESC and proceeding can sometimes crash the game.

3) Reloading the same aircraft, or a different livery.
First time often works, but after that it's almost guaranteed to crash.

There's been other situations as well, but I don't remember all the details at this point.

It's very frustrating since it's not a memory issue (max used memory hovers around 2Gb), and it's the only plane that's causing this. The PMDG 737, which is fairly advanced as well, does not remotely show issues of this kind.

Does anyone have an idea as to what my issue could be? Could it be a conflict between this addon and another that I have installed? Does anyone else experience this as well?

If any other info would be useful to help, let me know, and I'll do my best to include it.



Marc Baas

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