Windows 10 is losing installations...

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Is there no way to disable updates in Windows 10, even a known backdoor method?  Since I don't surf the web or do anything except P3D and its add-ons and utilities I would rather avoid updates unless they are required for P3D, period end of story.  I believe the path towards stability is minimization of all unnecessary updates of any kind.  There are necessary ones, but again as a P3D platform only I'd like to be able to control updates.  I only desire to migrate to Windows 10 from 7 if DX12 came into play in P3D.  It appears Skylake-X CPUs still work w/ Win 7 so I'm inclined to hold off on what appears to offer no real practical benefits that outweigh headaches from updates or whatever.

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try winaero tweaker - just google it and there are quite a few options in that tweaker, it helped me.

All the best

Denis B

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