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FSX-SE will NOT Generate the Proper Folders in App Data File ?

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I have been Running FSX and FSX SE side by side on the same Harddrive on 2 Computers for a long time, With No Problem . After a Hardrive Problem, requiring a reInstlall, I find that FSX SE will Not create the App Data Files Properly ? FSX-SE does create a FSX file in both App Data Roaming and Local. but will NOT open a FSX SE file ? FSX and FSX SE will both run Seemingly normal, but are operating out of the same FSX file in the Appdata Folder ? When I Completly Uninstall FSX, and run only FSX SE, FSX SE will continue to create the FSX Entries, but will NOT create a FSX SE entry in the App Data Folder ?? I suspect a Registry Error, but have NO Idea how to find it ?? HAAAAAAALPP !! - Johnman

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It's time to switch to Win 10 (I'm not a fan, too many updates, too intrusive) But it came pre-loaded in my gaming PC, and after exactly two years after the switch from Win 7, it runs my FSX-SE with very few problems. 

It's time to give up the Gold.  FSX-SE resolves a lot of the inherent problems of the discs...

Perhaps, running two similar flight sims is causing confusion (if a computer can be confused) as to creation, or placement of data in the correct files?



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I Hear You, I tried the upgrade, when it was available. Didn't last long, about 48 hours, Win 10 Destroyed My FPS, and no amount of tuning would Help ! Maybe if it was a clean install, not an upgrade, it may have worked ?? I'm thinking My next Computer Build will probably be win 10.

I am thinking it is either a Registry problem :((( or I am downloading a corrupt file when I Do a Re Install :/// ? It would be hard to believe that I am the only one that has ever had this problem ?? Thanks for Answering My post ! - Johnman

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12 hours ago, johnman said:

Didn't last long, about 48 hours, Win 10 Destroyed My FPS, and no amount of tuning would Help !

AVSIM has an FSX Configuration Guide that might help.  Many have used it and are happy with many of the suggestions.  It is impossible for Windows 10 to affect your FPS.  The game configuration, CPU, and GPU control the FPS and when one places a lot of resources on these gadgets, the game will have issues.  Earlier this year I hated Windows 10 and vowed to never upgrade to it.  I saw too many grunts and groans in the Windows 10 forums and our CTD Forum and everyone was blaming Windows 10.  It is easy to blame an OS and many developers blame Windows 10 when one goes there for support.  It is not their game that caused the issues; "Windows 10 did it!"  "Okay, thanks for the support! I will go back to Windows 7.  I'll tell everyone Windows 10 is bad and don't install it".  Then I upgraded to my current system (the i7 7700K, Nvidia 1080TI, and a 270Z MB).  Super snazzy system!  It was a requirement for Windows 10 to be installed as it would not work on a Windows 7 system so I was forced into Windows 10 (my fault though; I upgraded by system.  I sometimes stand in front of a mirror and slap myself).  Since then I have learned a lot about the OS and it is not the meany everyone thinks it is.  I remember when Windows 7 was first released, we saw the same complaints only everyone wanted to go back to Windows XP or Vista.  I have had a couple of issues with Windows 10 but have calmly figured out how to fix it (see my AVSIM CTD Guide). 

The FSX Configuration Guide is basic but provides good settings for members who are just getting into FSX.  The number one fps killer is high settings and the Guide has high settings but most computers can handle them.  A commercial or freeware AI program further kills fps and high Autogen settings are another killer.  If you can have fps around 30 with commercial addons, that's great!  You should enjoy FSX-SE.  But do not expect FPS to be at 50 plus.  It will never happen unless you turn your settings to the default and I do not think you are going to like the default settings.  In default mode, I can get over 200 fps with FSX.  I start adding addons and things go down hill from there.  Why don't these developers make frame-rate friendly addons?  Because the more eye-candy, the more sales.  You buy a commercial airport and it has a lot of eye-candy and it is the scenery for everyone to get.  They (the developer's) don't expect you to go out and get an AI program, ASN weather program, and an aircraft like the PMDG 747.  Your fault again. 

In the AVSIM CTD Guide I have a link to a Microsoft 10 Repair Program (does 7 too).  It will fix your registry and other issues with your installation of Windows 10.  It is better to use a program like this than to completely reinstall Windows.  I was told it was developed by former (and maybe current) Microsoft techs.  Whenever I have a problem, that's what I run!  It makes a backup of your registry and it will not affect anything you currently have installed.  All it is looking for is registry issues, file permission issues, Windows Update issues, etc., etc., and fixing them.  Here is a link to this freeware program if you don't want to download my guide (:angry:) - http://www.tweaking.com/content/page/windows_repair_all_in_one.htm.  I have a lot of other neat recommendations in the guide too.  I look at those who are not computer experts, like me, who need help and have no idea as to how to fix it. 

One last thought... please do not use tweaks in FSX or FSX-SE.  Your fps will be destroyed if you did not "tweak" it correctly.

Best regards,


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