What might suddenly cause inability to load a flight from KSAN and KPDX?

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I am unable to load a selected plan to either KSAN, and now suddenly KPDX which I just landed at no problem earlier today.   After a clean reboot I attempted to load my Dash 8 into a gate at KPDX and the scenery/texture loading graphic never appears, the blue circle spins and a shutdown of P3D V3.0 ensues.  I've had a stable install since V3.0 appeared and the only changes made recently were installing FTX OpenLC NA--not sure if it had anything to do or not with this new issue.  Windows 7 for nothing beyond P3D and its supporting add-ons.   Other than this it seems to run normally.  I also discovered in trying to fly into KSAN I had a CTD maybe 25m out.   I've played around w/ uninstalling OpenLC, no joy.  Reinstall OpenLC and then move OpenLC above FTX PNW to see if that might impact KPDX crash open loading a flight there.   I'm really stumped--where should I look?  I have been holding off going to version 4.x until I needed to do a new hardware upgrade in a year or so, so would prefer to try to keep this install alive if possible.

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