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Need help : changing the LC season but keeping the date/time of today

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As most of you know I am using photoscenery only instead of LC based scenery.

The only photoscenery which is not up to the standard of the others is Mega Scenery  Earth Germany. Many places are too bright. I made some new parts to overlay the most too bright places but it could be better.

So I bought FTX Germany : this looks good from april - end of august! with it’s Spring-Summer textures.However , autumn and winter are way too dark. If I modify ground brightness/saturation all of my other photoscenery becomes too light/oversaturated.

One way is to make a copy of the texture folder inside the World folder and replace all fa/wi textures by spring/summer textures and rename them to fa/wi. The same with the specific Orbx FTX Germany groundtextures. But perhaps there is an easier way.

Is there a way to change the season for the LC textures but keep the current date/time so dawn/day/dusk/night will come at the correct time , as also the brightness/saturation of the environment ?

thanks, Gerard

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Gerard, the only other way I can think of to do this would be to change the seasons.bgl file (p3dv4 dir \Scenery\Base)\Scenery). This is a multilayered .bgl file containing 12 images (one for each month) plus a night image. This data has been compiled into bgl from some maps (source not supplied in SDK) showing polygons for various parts of the world defining, for each month, whether it is Sp,Su,Wi,Hw as numeric values. You would have to decompile that bgl (if it can be done?), and edit the monthly season definitions for Germany, and then re-compile. All of Europe in November is mostly Mild winter (value 0) or Hard Winter (value1) over the alps, so I guess you would want to extend the spring or summer polygons, into the months that are appearing dull and wintery. This may have un-toward effects on other scenery (only land-class based, not photo-scenery).

How feasible this is to do I really do not know, never tried it. I have only used your trick of renaming texture files (for Cape Town which has a Mediterranean climate so winter is like summer green compared to the rest of RSA that is all browns and yellow at that time of the year, and in summer, when the rest of RSA is green, Cape Town has is hottest and driest time.

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Hi Robin,

It is easier to rename the su files to fa. That I can do.

I now have some difficulty making the correct batch file to put all su files into another directory. 


This does not work :

@Echo off
copy D:\"Program Files"\"Lockheed Martin"\"Prepar3D v4"\Scenery\World\texture *fa*.bmp  D:\"Program Files"\"Lockheed Martin"\"Prepar3D v4"\Scenery\World\Fa


Perhaps you or someone else knows what I need to correct....




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Finally I figured out the correct Dos command :

@Echo off
copy D:\"Program Files"\"Lockheed Martin"\"Prepar3D v4"\Scenery\World\texture\*fa*.bmp  D:\"Program Files"\"Lockheed Martin"\"Prepar3D v4"\Scenery\World\Fa

 This copies all bmp files with fa in them to the folder Fa. It seemed that with bmp files I had to add a \ behind texture, while with txt files it is not needed.

Regards, Gerard


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