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Terra Flora no show over photoreal?

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I decided to obtain some more accurate vegetation - thank you Turbulent. :cool: On the whole TF is a beautiful add-on. However (and to be fair, I half expected this before I purchased the add-on) it doesn't display over VFR Real photoreal scenery which I have for the UK. Is it the case that TF autogen will not work over photoreal at all? 


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If Terra Flora is an autogen replacement for the default trees then no, it will not be seen over PR scenery. Custom vegetation polys would have to be created using the TF textures and the custom .bgl files would need to reside in the PR scenery's texture folder.  :(

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For decent autogen over your photoreal UK stuff in FSX, Revolution X (Just Flight payware custom UK autogen) is worth having, since it puts proper UK-type buildings and vegetation on your phototerrain. Then if you also add the freeware Power Project (see link below), it gives you all the power lines, power stations, chimney etc for the entire world, which of course means the UK too, so it puts the power station water cooler towers near EGGP in there and other big landmarks such as that. That'll give you probably the most realistic stuff in terms of buildings and tree placement over photoreal stuff in the UK.


Another option would be Orbx UK scenery, which of course isn't photoreal but undeniably looks pretty. However, despite many people claiming Orbx is realistic for the UK, personally I think it looks more like the Disney/Hollywood notion of what people who don't actually live in the UK perhaps think the UK looks like nowadays, as opposed to what it probably did look like circa 1750 after the Enclosures Act. So, for people who think there are only two UK accents, i.e. Dick Van Dyke's pseudo cockney: 'Cor blimey Mary Poppins', and posh University Squadron Battle of Britain Spitfire pilot's: 'Bandits at Twelve O'Clock, Tally-Ho chaps!', then it will be reasonably convincing, but for anyone who lives in Wolverhampton, it will of course be preposterously inappropriate.


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