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Installing VFR Photographic Scenery GenX Version 3 into P3DV4.1

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Seasons greetings to the forum. Been a while since I posted here but always lurking. Having been a loyal FSX merchant since release and patiently waiting for P3D in 64 bit, I am now transitioning to V4.1 and determined, after years of FSX grief and headaches, to get things right from the start so I have a clean & stable sim platform.

All my flying is done around Wales and SW England. Not to keen on the Orbx stuff for this area so I want to stay with Horizon VFR Photo Scenery GenX Version 3 and UK2000 Airports, I believe both work well in V4.1. I like the idea of installing add on scenery and Aircraft in a folder outside the sim so they are not disturbed in future updates. I understand that there are a few methods of doing this. Editing XML files is not an option for me as, with my limited skills, this is asking for trouble, so I would like to keep it simple and create two folders outside the sim, one for add on scenery and another for aircraft. I understand that entering a path pointing to the new scenery in the scenery library "Add area" feature will work ? I read somewhere that a similar thing can be done for add on aircraft by adding a path pointing to them in the appropriate SimObjects cfg file ?  I am not clear on the procedure and looking for some guidance, I am new to all this so bear with me !

1/ I have Vol 1,2 & 3 of VFR GenX on DVD's,  should I unpack all three volumes into one new scenery folder and name it "VFR GenX" ?  Does it matter what the folder is named ?

2/ Or, should I create three new separate scenery folders and name them VFR GenX Vol 1,2 & 3 and enter three new file paths for each in the library ?

2/ What would be the correct path to write into the Scenery Library for the sim to see the new folder ? All things P3D are on my G: drive. An example would be most helpful

3/ Aircraft. I have created a new hangar outside the sim and named it "Addon Aircraft"  Should I make a path entry in the "Airplanes" cfg file ? if so, where is it located ?

4/ Should I make the new path entry at the top or bottom of the Airplanes cfg file ? does it matter ?  Again, an example of the file path to write would be very helpful.

Sorry for the dumb questions but I am not familiar with P3D. Always found this forum most helpful in the past so looking forward to any assistance with this.

Thanks. Buster.



HTPC. HX750 PSU. Asus Z87 Pro. i7 4770k (stock) 8 GB DDR3 Dominator RAM @ 1866 mhz. EVGA GTX 980ti SC. 1 x 120GB SSD. Samsung Evo 1TB SSD. True 120 CPU Cooler. Win 7x64. Dell 32'' 4K monitor. 2 Lazy Boyz. Serving wenches & lap dancing facilities.







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So I used a registry entry and file named FSX.exe to convince the Horizon installer I had FSX, but the main scenery BGLs and textures are installed outside FSX anyway which is handy. I didn't let the installer do any addon scenery entries though, because I then used Lorby-SI P3D scenery organiser to add those folders to the addon.xml and hey presto!

ckyliu, proud supporter of ViaIntercity.com. Find my spec and settings in "About me" on my profile.


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