Royal Australian Air Force - Carenado King Air 350

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To whom it may concern,

I have just tried my first attempt at doing a repaint of an aircraft and I decided to do a repaint of the Royal Australian Air Force King Air 350 from 38 Squadron. I obviously need a lot more practice as I can seem to work out how to repaint Carenado aircraft as the parts of the aircraft are all in different locations. The RAAF King Air has lines and curves throughout (see attached) and I just cant work out how to line them all up. I did manage to get the decals, text and logos in the right spots just not the other markings.

So I have come to the AVSIM Forums hoping that someone would do me the biggest favour and complete a repaint of this lovely aircraft or assist on how to do the lines and curves.

I work with these aircraft as part of my job and would love to be able to take it to the P3D skies.



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I recently had a conversation with Steve Dra regarding repainting Carenado aircraft in this forum.  It would seem that they have a completely different approach to aiding the repaints of their aircraft as opposed to all NORMAL developers.. My interpretation of this is that their fuselages are higgledy piggledy and take quite a degree of working out where things should go.

It is my opinion that Carenado do not encourage repaints and actually, I believe, accurately reflect their attitude towards their customer base. They appear to listen to NO ONE. I believe that it is safe to say that their aircraft look beautiful and do sweet FA in regard to complexity. THAT is the main reason I do NOT buy their product.

Mark me as completely "biased" if you will and this fact will never distress me.  As far as I am concerned, if you are a developer and do NOT listen to what your customers are telling you, or asking of you, then you simply ain' t getting  MY dollars.

If anyone can can help Lee, please do so ... I am not a repainter and am just expressing an opinion.

I wish you well mate.

Regards to all

Tony Chilcott


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