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I have enjoyed in the past manually retrofitting RXP gauges into my various panels. With the newer GNS and GTN gauges, I have not been able to find any reference to the actual gauge resolution. In the older GNS WAAS package, this information was in the Service Manual. I have used the panel configuration tool to install some popup windows, then note the sizes (eg: 159 x 152 for GTN750).

This gives me the relevant proportions, but not the actual resolution of the gauges. It would be useful for me to have all the information noted down somewhere.


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They were usually needed in the past for two reasons:

  1. Optimal graphics quality was only achievable when displaying the gauges at their designed resolution, because of the poor FltSim gauge graphics engine (still the same from FS9 to P3D4.1... 15bits colours no alpha....)
  2. Non-distorted graphics were only (and still are) achievable when displaying the gauges at their designed Width / Height ratio.

Skip forward to Reality XP 2.0, and you get:

  1. HIDPI graphics which renders in 32bits with alpha (from FS9 to P3D4.1!) and are always visually optimal regardless of the resolution.
  2. Superior 'stretched' graphics which render any gauge device screen pixels the best way possible.

Having said this, in the particular case of the GNS V2, there is an ideal resolution which makes any single GNS device screen pixel (source) display exactly over 1 FltSim monitor pixel (destination). For this, the GNS graphics where designed at 2x this ideal resolution to achieve pixel-perfect screen display at 1:1 and 1:2 gauge size (and any  integer multiple).

Nevertheless, here is what you are looking for:

Gauge Bezel Size for 1:1 screen pixels:

  • GTN 7XX: 830 x 790
  • GTN 6XX: 830 x 350

Gauge Bezel Size for 2:1 screen pixels:

  • GNS 5XX: 980 x 714
  • GNS 4XX: 980 x 412

NB: FltSim version GTN 7xx/6xx bezel bitmaps are 2400x2290 and 2400x1014 internally!

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