Cirrus SR22 - GPS CRS on PFD not working and "no lic" shown

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Hello everybody,

I submitted a ticket to Carenado already but I thought I'll give it a try and ask the community here at AVSIM :-)

I recently bought the SR22 from pcaviator. After installation and loading up the first time I noticed during the first test flight, that the PFD always shows the CRS of 000 in magenta, so the GPS course is not taken from the MFD flight plan. When I change the CDI mode to VOR1 or 2 the CRS is usable and adjustable, but in GPS mode it's not working.
Also the flight plan from the MFD is not shown in the PFD (FPL menu is empty).



If I open the PFD via SHIFT+1 the popup windows shows the correct CRS and GPS needle though?!?!


Strangely enough but also on the PFD in the right top corner it shows "NO LIC" - what's that?!

I reinstalled now three times after rebooting, but the problem persists.
I'm running the C172 G1000 also, there everything works fine, incl. the Synthetic Vision which suddenly is also not working anymore in the SR22 after a reinstall.. it was working for one test flight, but after my reinstalls somewhere the Cirrus has forgotten about the SVS. I already tried running the SVS.exe as described in the SVS documentation, but it didn't help..

Anyone has a clou or idea about that?!

I'm running P3D v4.1, win10 home

Thanks for supporting in advance!

Best regards from Austria,

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I just found that JusticeAA had the same problem (somehow my previous search did not find his post! Sorry for that!!!)

Could a moderator maybe please move my topic?!


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I have the same problem.  Anyone know the fix?  Nothing in Carendo knowledgebase that I can find.

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