Can someone tell me a good landing rate :)

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On 9 January 2018 at 4:40 AM, Ephedrin said:

There are 3 golden rules for a smooth landing. Unfortunately nobody has found them out yet.


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I do hate how VA's set this "Soft landing" tone with competitions and rewards for ridiculously low landing rates. A lot of times people take away the realism by over flaring and floating their plane  nearly halfway down the runway with the nosegear still up. Iv'e even heard people criticize REAL PILOTS because they think real planes fly exactly like simulator ones and they say "I've never landed this hard with clear weather in FSX blah blah blah." :blink: 

I've seen in person many 777's land soft with all types of angles of attack...it depends on so many variables and makes it difficult to follow a "Good Landing Checklist" to get that perfect landing.

Practice practice practice with all the tips you have been given and really get to know how your plane flies. At the end of it all, it comes down to just how well you know your aircraft under certain weather, payloads and conditions etc.. This goes for ANY airplane. Don't let anybody tell you did a bad landing just because you can't hit -20 fps...but  also don't let anyone tell you you're a good one if you slam it into the ground. :laugh:

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