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LeoBodnar BBI-32 / Multiple Inputs

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i have a big problem.
I bought some BBI-32 manufactured by LeoBodnar.
Each card has a unique SerialNumber.
If i connect one card, it works properly.
If i connect another card, LINDA noticed some inputs from my cards.
First, i checked the serial Numbers in LINDA.
Every card has a unique Sernumber. I renamed both cards (LEO1 and LEO2). But it doesn`t solved my problem.
It`s lseems that i have "multiple Ghost inputs" from the cards.
If i using the cards seperatly everything is ok.

I`m using LINDA

Uodate: I`m surprised!
I checked the config HID and there is no Serial Number!
My Dash8 config:

- ## LBDevice03 ## (1DD211502) ## {NoSerNum} ############

-- ## LB Device05 ## (1DD211503) ## {NoSerNum} ############

-- ## LB Device ## (1DD211520) ## {NoSerNum} ############

Whats happen? In LINDA GUI is a Serialnumber shown but not at the config-HID LUA.

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Hi McFly

Thank you for your report. There is obviously something going wrong with the configuration save.

First, can I ask you to install LINDA 3.0.5 and then follow the Fault Diagnosis thread procedure. Then send me the fsuipcX.log and linda2.log together with config-hid.lua for the aircraft you are using (a default aircraft is best). This will allow me to see what is happening.

I would also suggest you check that no automatic assignments appear in your Sim controls which could interfere with LINDA. One quick fix is to edit the config-hid.lua and replace {NoSerNum} with the GUI displayed serial numbers in curly brackets.

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Hi, i use 8 Leo Bodnar cards with no problem. However if you add an additional card Linda has

problems holding the settings and sometimes jumbles them up. It is better to connect all the bbi32 cards at the start before you start assigning actions.


I had the problem i think you are talking about but it all settled down once i had all of my cards attached.

In the meantime you can put a name to your bbi cards within Linda, if it jumbles your assignments this will make it easier to get them back. Make a note of LB devce number and the name that you have given it. I also printed off my config.hid each time i had completed a new card just in case.

Hope this helps


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It seems my problem is solved.
I changed two things.
I removed one of the boards.
I changed the grd connection to one common ground for all switches.

It works now.
Thanks for your support and time.
LINDA is a very great product for P3D and FSX!

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