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Lighting issue after installing sky force

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I installed sky force yesterday and while the cloudstructures themselves are good, albeit some odd pancakes once in a while, I am getting serious lighting issues.

i used ENVTEX but I restored the settings and only use it for water surfaces, Gras and airports now. 

The rest, including sky, clouds, sun +glare, is by sf3D.

i also use PTA thopat preset. 


Here’s a video illustrating the problem:



Kind regards


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This issue is usually related to sky texture files. I am saying that because I did sky texture editing a while ago, and I figured out that this occurs if the bottom two lines of the image are not edited properly (by the developer). Can you try using ENVTEX sky textures and tell us whether you see the same problem?  I bet you won't, because I have been using their textures and experienced no issues. Personally, I can't imagine any other add-on delivering better sky textures than ENVTEX.

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OK, so I solved the sky lighting issue(panning changed color) but the cloud colors are still off. Some are randomly shaded while others aren't. cloud clusters randomly look like black and white sheep bunched up, as seen on the left side of the screenshot.

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