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Suggestion : add restrictions to waypoint labels

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I know you are busy with more important things....but I have a suggestion. I have been doing more STARs and the like lately, and I need to be more aware of height restrictions during this phase of the landing. The Flight Plan window gives the restrictions and is a great help. If possible, I think it would be good if you added this information to the labels on the map view as well as the name of the waypoint. But not a big deal if not possible.

I have been having problems getting the vertical profile correct. For a start I am flying the Carenado DO-228 and the vertical part of the auto pilot is a bit of a pain to use. The 3D panel control is practically unusable, so I use the 2D popup. This makes the descent a bit messy and I often have to pause XP when ATC give me a new altitude. The other problem is that ATC barely gets me to the right altitude in time for me to slow down enough to get the flaps out. I am trying various things to get me down a bit earlier, but it struck me that having the height restrictions on the map would be nice. I am guessing that ATC uses the V/S setting in P2A to determine TOD? I currently have this set to 1500fps, so might set that to 1000fps but still descend at 1500 fps. That should get me down a bit earlier and let me slow down a bit.

Anyway - loving the program.

I7-6700k 32 gig RAM, NVIDIA GTX-980 TI 6G RAM, GTX-460, Saitek X55 throttle, Combat rudder pedals, CH Eclipse yoke,TrackIR 5, 5 monitors (main is 40" 4k), Corsair K95 RGB k/b, Win 7 x64. X-Plane XP 11.1+

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