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Correct way to install P3DV4.1?

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I had installed v4.1 with the installer from the lockheed website a month ago, and it said everything went well. However, as the latest help desk issue I filed helped me figure out, FSUIPC, ACARS says I am still using v4.0, NOT v4.1. Going into my files, I checked the version of the .exe, and it says v4.0 as well. 

SOO, it seems it did not install correctly. Further more, on my program list in my control panel, it states it is installed on the C: drive, when in fact all my P3D software, and related software, is installed on the D: drive.

When I tried to re-run the installer for 4.1, it says that it is already installed and there is no need to reinstall unless I want to modify/repair it. 

Any idea what the proper way to install v4.1 is? and make sure its going to the right directory?


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If you ran the complete full installer rather than the individual parts, Client, Content,etc. all you need to do is uninstall Client, then reinstall the Client.

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Hello Remy

Was this a fresh Install of Prepar3D v4 ?  Or did you already have v4 Installed on your computer ?  If so,  did you first Uninstall the existing Install of Prepar3D v4 ?   Or did you Install Prepar3D v4.1 Over v4 ?    If you did, you must Uninstall the existing version of v4 first and then Install the new version

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Thanks for all the comments, sorry for the late reply. I did a full reinstall, before I realized that the issue was caused by installing ReShade. When I install it it puts thre files in my main P3D folder: dgxi.dll, dgxi config, dgxi.txt file. When I delete those, it gets rid of the holdup issue and everything works fine. However, not sure if that renders ReShade useless?

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