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Cannot operate switches using PMDG737NGX in FSX:SE whilst using the Oculus Rift, FlyInside and Leap Motion

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I originally posted this in he PMDG737NGX section but in hindsight that was maybe too specific.

This is a problem I have with accessing the Cockpit controls in the PMDG737NGX in FSX:SE whilst using the Oculus Rift, FlyInside and Leap Motion.

Is it a Leap Motion problem, A FlyInside Problem, or a PMDG737NGX problem.

Basically I am trying to start the PMDG737NGX from Cold & Dark using my hands in the cockpit with Leap Motion. Most of the swiches, dials, etc seem to work ok (although some can be quite annoying to operate!). However there are some of the switches that I just cannot get to work at all.

1. Transfer the APU Power to BUS

2. Transfer Ground Power to BUS

3. Either of the engine start switches

Without these switches I cannot start the 737. Is there anyone out there with the same configuration (or similar) that can tell me if PMDG have implemented these switches in Leap Motion? Also any hints or tips when using the PMDG in VR.

I contacted PMDG Tech support and their rely was

"We haven't made any changes to specifically support Oculus Rift but there isn't anything unusual about those switches that would cause only those single items not to work.  My suspicious is an interface issue with Flyinside but since we don't officially support Ocolus Rift, I can't say for certain.  I know we have some users running it in Prepar3D V4 that haven't reported any significant issues but I'm not certain what interfaces people are using."

Is anyone using PMDG737NGX with VR and Leap Motion in the cockpit that can give me any advice?



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