Problem with LINDA 3.0.5 A320X Flightsimlabs

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Thank you for sending the log files and screen shoots of the LINDA error message. Something is causing LINDA GUI to crash but the 2 error addresses you sent are not consistent. The LINDA LUA code in the logs you sent are working correctly and not reporting any problems.

I would like to pin down the cause before going a further. I have LINDA 3.0.5 working with the FSLabs A320X and my VRi MCP Combo Airbus panel. The functions are working on my setup. You are using several devices which I am unfamiliar with. What is the USB Pad (VID 0417/PID 0130). Is it a touch screen? These are known to cause problems with LINDA operation. Can you try disconnecting this and retesting?

You also have 2 Opencockpits devices (VID 04D8 PID 0000). How are this reported in Setup Joysticks? Do they have unique serial numbers? Again can you try disconnecting these and retesting? You can leave the standard joystick devices connected (Site Pedals, HOTAS, etc).

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Good afternoon,
the PAD USB, is the VRinsight Tack and Toggle, the two Opencockpit products, they are a Tiller and a Landing gear, they have an electronic card each;
I do not know if they are configured correctly, maybe if you can suggest the configuration;
I tried to disconnect them, but the VRinsight switches and the Throttle switches, sometimes do not work constantly, in the sense that they are always disconnected, ON and not OFF and vice versa, so I always have to intervene to reconfigure the input.


26350659548_c7045df3c0_k.jpgScreenshot (159) by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr

26350510528_e6aad7ed88_k.jpgScreenshot (158) by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr

40190508072_7396bec19e.jpg20140924064935cont2 by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr

40223264421_2fccd65099_z.jpgvolantea320 by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr

39325620345_36c6987fec.jpgtrena320 by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr

25352377587_7610d02b54_m.jpgUSB_Axes_pequena by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr





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Thank you for the photos. The VRi switch panel should work similarly to the Saitek one I have. What drivers have you got installed to operate the VRi panel? Apart from the Serial USB drivers, no other VRi software should be running. The other 2 devices should not be an issue but I suggest running a test without these connected so we can isolate the cause of your problems.

I have been testing my FSLabs A320X with the Landing Light ON/OFF function both on the ground and in the air without any issues. I am unable to reproduce your fault. Does you reported problem only happen in the descent? What happens if you do not select Landing Lights? When you get the Access Violation error message please note and report the 2 addresses in text (the screenshots are difficult to read).

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Good afternoon,
as for the drivers of VRinsight Tack and Toggle I do not know, because when I opened the package I immediately connected the USB cable, and has installed itself;
I'll try to disconnect the two Opencockpit products when I'm downhill;
when I start a flight; start-ups, pushbacks, taxis, take-offs, climb cruise altitude, LINDA works well, while once the descent started almost in the approach phase when I'm at 10000 feet I turn on the VRinsight Tack and Toggle Landing lights switch and I notice that they do not work, and by checking any other LINDA command nothing works anymore, I do the landing, taxi to the gate and LINDA in addition to not giving more imput, it goes crashing;

I wanted to know, in the Joistick set-up, the VRinsight, and two products Opencockpit being written pad is right? do I have to set another name through the curtain?

I add all my commands on the simulator, they are disabled, because they are all configured via FSUIPC5.c123


you place enlarged screenshots I hope readable, one of the crashes when I'm in descent


39531667464_d2664d28c0_h.jpgScreenshot (147) by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr

I put the check mark on START GUI, when I start the LINDA simulator starts correctly, while when I close the simulator, LINDA does not close, I have to intervene manually, and crashes


25372755407_de30f11aed_h.jpgScreenshot (164) by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr


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Hi Alean

I has done a number of A320X test flights trying to reproduce your reported problem without success. I have flown the same profile you describe (take off/climb/descent/landing lights) and have experienced no issues. It is not the Landing Lights functions that are the problem. They work as per all other functions and would not result in the GUI crashing. Without being reproduce the crash I can offer no solution to you.

The Start with Sim checkbox will create (or remove) the following entry in FSUIPC5.ini:



I have set and reset this a number of times and it is working for me. When P3D is closed, it can take up to 30secs for add-ons listed in the [Programs] block to shutdown correctly. This is a feature of FSUIPC5.

I can only suggest that you delete your LINDA.exe file and reinstall LINDA 3.0.5. All controls should be disabled in P3D (Options/Controls/Others). Only axes (aileron/elevator) and POV should be defined in FSUIPC and LINDA used for all buttons/switches.

Without more evidence and being able to reproduce it myself I can not solve your unique problem. Sorry.


PS. Make sure LINDA.exe is set to run as an administrator.

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