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There is more room for tweaking in VRidge. I was on 1920x1080, 13Mbps and the other settings below. I gotta try 2560x1440 (my phone native screen resolution) and HEVC (better compression technology), but first need a decent USB cable. Mine is not USB3 compliant I guess. It's causing the jitter I suppose. Second, update to Win10 to use HEVC (if the phone is HEVC capable, see requirement below). This is the worst part. Maybe it works on Win7. I will try.





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On 1/22/2018 at 9:30 AM, GCBraun said:

Native VR. Works really well for me. No need for FI anymore. 

I’ve tried both but find FlyInside with P3D better and love the experience. FlyInside tolerates lower frames with stable performance  I can even fly PMDG aircraft and the experience is great. 

Also recently started flying with DCS and it works very well. 

For me although I like Xplane in many ways but it falls short in VR compared to P3D and DCS and I don’t fly VR in Xplane.

I still fly on my 43 inch 4K monitor and love the fidelity but it’s not the same for me now that I’ve mastered the learning curve of getting VR to perform well and experienced the immersion of VR.


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Is anyone using a WMR headset?

any recommendations on which if so?

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