Simbuilder and A2A Cherokee - discrepancy in readings

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I have with great pleasure discovered and installed SimPlugin Panels.

I run P3Dv4 and a Dual PC LAN connected environment.

I have run into two problems:

  1. On a number of gauges there is a discrepancy between the values shown on the A2A PA-28 and the Simbuilder Panels.
    This includes amongst others the RMP where SimPlugin Panels show around 20% too low an RPM. This is not due to lag, but a constant descrepancy.
    When A2A show 500 - SimPlugin show appx 500. However when A2A show 2000 - Simplugin only show 1500.
    How does this happen and how can I correct it?
  2. It does not seem like I through the various Radio Panels and knobs can adjust input such as OBS, BARO or the selected Frequencies.
    Is this correct - that A2A blocks this or is there a way to get this to work?

Thank you in advance.


Stephen Odgaard

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I don't know anything at all about SimPlugin Panels, but I do know that A2A is a highly sophisticated simulation.  They work within the SDK if it sufficiently meets the goals of their particular add-on, but all too often it does not.  They then build their own variables and code outside the SDK and outside the host simulator.  For instance, the RPM issue is probably one where A2A is not using the normal SDK RPM for their gauges.  They have most likely programmed their own that has inputs and is manipulated by variables that FSX/P3D does not include.  That's why their simulations are head and shoulders above everyone else.  They do whatever is necessary to produce a high fidelity simulation even if it means "re-inventing the wheel."   

I am guessing SimPlugin Panels uses the normal SDK variables included with FSX/P3D.  A2A does not always use those variables and, in fact, quite often does not.  You can find their variables by painfully perusing the LVAR Panel Variables function in FSUIPC as shown in the link below, but if you can't change them in SimPlugin Panels they will be useless to you.  It's not that A2A is blocking anything.  They have simply built their own side-by-side simulation because issues within FSX/P3D keeps them from achieving the level of realism they seek.   


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