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Translation Packages

(This text is copy from my page here)

These are separate packages that add support for a language to a current Little Navmap and Little Navconnect version.

When a new Little Navmap version is released all present translations are added to the new version and installing a package is not needed anymore. Simply check a new version after installing in a clean directory if it appears in your language. Install one of the packages below if not.

Refer to the included README.txt file in the downloaded archive for installation instructions.

See Translating in the Little Navmap Wiki if you would like to contribute to Little Navmap and translate it to your language.
All contributions are very welcome.

Compatible Versions

You can install translation packages in a not matching Little Navmap version. The program will fall back to English if a text is not translated. As a result you will see the program partially in English and your language.

Different types of translation packages exist

  • Program Translations: These modify only the program’s graphical user interface. The included PDF manual and online manual are still English.
  • Manual Translations: Translations of the online and/or the included PDF user manual. Install this to connect all help buttons in Little Navmap to your language and get the PDF.
  • Full Translations: Both of the above. Manual and graphical user interface appear in your language.


All compatible packages can also be downloaded from the latest release pages here at Github.


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