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9 hours ago, himmelhorse said:


I, for one, would really appreciate an in-depth assessment/comparison specifically related to Flight sim. I watched the above videos (Thank you so much Devon) and it is very informative. However, very few of these comparisons (if any) are FlightSim specific. Also I note that the Oddyssy is only USD399 direct from Samsung at the moment. Of course by the time I add a second round of taxes and freight (also taxed here) it is going to be up around the USD7-800 mark. But for US buyers it would appear to be great value, particularly if better for flight sim than the Rift.

Please stay in touch mate and let us all know. Also, can you please let us know which sim actually is better with the Samsung as I think that is extremely interesting.

I genuinely hope you are going to be very happy with your purchase.




Yes, I also had to import it as I live in Germany. In the end is going to cost me around 550 Euro. 

I will post my impressions as soon as I receive it (should be in the next week)!

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16 hours ago, himmelhorse said:

1. [...] Controllers are fine except that I perceive a problem dropping controllers to grab the yoke or quadrants and not being able to find them again without removing the HMD. Is this relevant? In any case, I have a fair amount of keyboard input as well and I see a potential problem with this too.  Can somebody talk me through that.

You don't have any problem to find your controllers: you actually see them in VR (at least, an hybrid between the Vive and Rift ones). You might have some problems finding your mouse. You can organize your space around so that you can put the controllers to rest easily. The best I found is to put a chair at my right: the reason is that I actually did try to drop them on the virtual seat at my left, while there was nothing there in reality (and I'm sure I'm not the only one who did that ;-) ). Bang. :o


8 hours ago, mike4 said:

Microsoft also joined OpenXR:

Looking forward for reviews of Odyssey, Vive Pro, Pimax 8K. Oh well anything, as I'll get later this year a VR device.

Great news !




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