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Caribbean Trek - Grand Cayman to Kingston, Jamaica

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Today’s trip takes us to Kingston, Jamaica, where my guests will enjoy the city while I meet with a team that is conducting humanitarian airlifts into Puerto Rico, which is still reeling from the disaster of hurricane Maria last fall.  I have volunteered to help man at least one relief flight of medical supplies while here in the Caribbean region.


Finally today we meet our Island Hopper C208 on the tarmac at Grand Cayman Roberts, MWCR. 



Gifts along with Island Hopper!  To make up for slighting me on the aircraft lease, we ended up not only with the Island Hopper 208, which the wives love for its festive looking livery, but also with four cases of local Grand Cayman brewed beer and three bottles of excellent Georgetown distilled rum!  Unfortunately we cannot take these to Jamaica with us today!



Our route follows a standard procedure I adopted quite some time ago. When carrying family or family friends my flight plans connect-the-dots so to speak by planning out a route that reasonably minimizes the length of segments oven open water.  Yes it adds distance. But it adds a level of security for those who accompany me.  Today’s flight to Kingston, Jamaica, (MKJP) has us overflying the islands of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac before turning toward Montego Bay and on to Kingston.



Off of Rwy 08 at Roberts International (MWCR) on Grand Cayman with left turn to ELEGO Int per the Turtuga Two departure.



Climbing through 5,000 on the way to 11,000 and seeing some building cumulus.




On top and weather now looking tame.



Look hard to see the first sight of Jamaica through that smallest opening in the clouds straight ahead.  Looks like I need to descend or my guests will not get that splendorous view of Montego Bay as we fly over.



Passing through 6,500 on the way down to 4,500 and still only occasional holes in the cloud layer. Slowing my forward speed and increasing my rate of descent so we don’t miss the views.



Finally a good view out behind.  This view quickly came and went.




Jamaica possesses a variety of terrain and scenic views.  The low clouds left over after a rain event along with the terrain may present a challenge during the approach.  I am not familiar with the lay of the land here, having only flown it once before three years ago.



This shot shows a great example of why I insisted they bring me the Island Hopper C208 with its more advanced avionics.  Note in this IFR shot the Reality XP GNS 430’s depiction of terrain surrounding the approach.  The radar echoes on the RXP WX500 are ground cutter. I have the angle set to watch below my 11,000 ft cruise altitude and did not take time to adjust it before the approach.




Breaking through the overcast and getting our first look at Kingston and Kingston Harbor              , then on final approach to MKJP.  The airport is out on a strip of land that from a landing standpoint may as well be an island.



A good look from the taxi way at Kingston’s Norman Manley International Airport (MKJP)



I was in search of Jamaican Jerk Fish Tacos but based on recommendations from the airlift crew we instead located and enjoyed Jamaica veggie tacos at Kingston’s “Veggie Meals on Wheels".  It's claim to fame is its moving food trucks, which are commonly found at festivals and concerts and the like.  Thus the name.

None of us are vegan so this was quite a unique experience. The tacos by the way were excellent!

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Love the flight plan...beautiful shot of Montego Bay..the idea of Jamaica veggie tacos is making me this side trip!


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8 hours ago, HLJames said:

Love the flight plan...beautiful shot of Montego Bay..the idea of Jamaica veggie tacos is making me this side trip!


Not sure how I came up with the veggie tacos when putting that latest post together but as you can see, Veggie Meals on Wheels and their veggie tacos are actually quite real, and popular.

Ummm. Where to next? And for What?

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Glad to be along for the ride. (I want to sample a bottle of the Mango Tango!)


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