Here a new thread with updates on my  "All months preset set"  for P3D4.1 and P3Dv4.2 . Both including many custom tweaks and expressions , depending on time of day, month, weather and altitude including Clouds Directional Lighting .   P3Dv4.1 : 4_1 All months.rar P3Dv4.2 : 4_2 v11 All months.rar         4_2 v12 All months.rar  P3Dv4.2 4_2 v13 All Months.rar  P3Dv4.3 4_3 v14 All months.rar  P3Dv4.4 / 4_4 March.rar    ( The included GPUTerrain.fx file is no longer needed. Before applying the preset Enable the Water Surface Tuning tweak )   P3Dv4.5 4_5 v16 - Apr.rar The Clouds have been redone and it sets a slightly higher Bloom for even more improved Nightlighting.         4_5 v16 - Mai.rar Water has been improved so now saturation also changes depending on altitude.   All future updates will be posted here in this first post.   v13 v14 V15 V16 ( True Earth Netherlands + Black Marble 3D lights )