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AFCAD mods oceanic center

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On 2/6/2022 at 5:07 AM, no1spotter said:

Any comments welcome

None of help I suspect ......... given I've had a "refresher" look at what comms data VoxATC could use & it is just one's airport afcad & the bvcf.bgl's so called sectors, the latter mostly about Class A above an airport's TMA / ground though in some instances, the LL is not ground but above another Class (some / most none as Center) but included without comms in BNXWorld0.bgl.

I know of some sectors which are dulplicated in so much they cover the same area but the UL's are different, but in that case VoxATC uses the comms of the lower even when in above it (eg MUDDL waypoint east of YBBN) 

It is all a mumbled mess at this stage it seems .... but which maybe VoxATC could solve with/for us by more 3D data for comms.

Or maybe including the Class B,C etc.data in bvcf.bgl might work.

for now, cheers

john martin

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Oceanic Centre Conclusions From Testing:

With Regards to my previous comment:

I used the Slew function to climb to 10,000 ft to try and see if the issue was altitude related. This appears not to be the case as I was once again handed over to Oceanic Centre.

From further testing I found that the Centre Areas that have the following Altitude designation handed me over to the correct Centre frequency for the VFR Flights I tried.

From Littlenavmap:

Min altitude:
0 ft AGL
Max altitude:

The above is only true running VoxATC (7.43) from the Flightsim PC.

No matter what I tried with a Network setup I always was handed over to Oceanic Centre on tested VFR flights.

I ran two identical VFR Flights one from the network PC and one from the Flightsim PC.

When comparing the VoxATC Error logs the only difference I could see in the files was the placement of the LAT/LONG for handover to the Centre Frequency.

I sent these files to VoxATC Support in the hope that the Network setup will at least be checked out (the issue has been reported on a previous post).

In the mean time I am running VoxATC from the Flightsim PC and using the Proxy Server to view the message windows on the network PC.

In my testing I also found that changing the Centre frequency assigned to an Airport made no difference to the Oceanic Centre issue (regardless if there was a match/mismatch between AFCAD File and the Area Centre frequency shown in LNM).

It did however make a difference for the FSS Frequency if one was not assigned to an Airport (fixed the Utopia Radio message).

I also found that by deleting the PAL Frequency in the AFCAD VoxATC stopped referring to the CTAF as “Activate Lights Only Traffic.”

John – thanks for your comments, useful and helpful.

You mentioned BNXWorld0.bgl in your comments above. This helped me discover from Littlenavmap that the data in these types of files refer to other classes of airspace (C, D, E ect.)?


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