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Live Stream - Jordan King (28th February)

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When did FSX add Live Weather.  Was it there out of the box or did it take awhile to add?  Heck, it's no longer supported in the base game without a 3rd party addon.

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MSFS first added real world weather in the 2000 version, according to Wikipedia

Barry Friedman

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12 hours ago, steve310002 said:

I think it is great that Dovetail are continuously updating FSW but the length of time it is taking concerns me. At this rate the product will be dead before it even gets going which would be a shame. With not a single jet, no live weather, unfinished scenery, and considerable associated bugs, they have a long way to go before they can call it a fully fledged base package (which it needs to be to compete).

I am big fan of what Dovetail plan to achieve and think Trusky has so much potential but in my opinion, it would have been better to have achieved some of these things before early access and certainly before release. Hopefully they provide some serious updates soon.

I totally agree with this. Concerns me as well.  


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22 hours ago, steve310002 said:

I think it is great that Dovetail are continuously updating FSW but the length of time it is taking concerns me.

I think that this is as a consequence of doing the development out in the open. Other sims are generally developed in closed betas and only released to the public when actually finished so much of the (long) development time is hidden.

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I think it's a consequence of having a small team developing it. The money is not there for a bigger team.

It's kind of a catch 22. The sales rate is not high enough to provide increased profits to be able to hire more which causes it's development to drag which causes it's slow sales rate.

It's unfortunate because the features that are there shine and it has great potential. Until it's feature set increases and a lot more 3rd parties embrace it , it's sales will not pick up hugely which leaves them fighting an uphill battle.

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On 2/27/2018 at 0:21 PM, FlyBaby said:

I am also anxious to know what’s next.

However, being a developer and working in the field for almost 2 decades, I can certainly understand the long periods of silence.

A Dev can be trying something new that just is not working (performance issues, clashes with existing features that require a total revamp of such feature etc.), so why announce something that may not happen and then have to deal with the backlash when you can’t deliver, or can’t deliver in certain time frame?

Then there is scaling down the original scope of features do to the above and other reasons. So again, keeping quiet about these things is the proper thing to do before knowing if it is really going to work, and work well.

Not to mention the time it takes implement and improve upon features (like TrueSky) that you have announced and released.

As I said before, DTG is teaching a very old dog new tricks. Its not just a matter of making Rover…roll over. Its making Rover do backwards flips while catching a Frisbee in his mouth and then landing on one paw. That’s gonna take some time.

This post wins this thread. But I'll add teaching Rover not to land on the new puppies after catching the Frisbee in there as well. 

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