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Prepar3D V4 CPU Vs GPU

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Hello All!

I would like to know what graphics settings are GPU bound and CPU bound. 



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You can check out the AVSIM Prepar3D Guide (you can find it on the right side of this forum under "Hot Spots").

If you go to the section "Configuring Graphics Settings" it will show you what you're looking for.

I think it was made for v3, but most of the settings are the same in v4.

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Anything to do with shadows (cast, receive, distance, quality) gets handled exclusively by the GPU. The same with anti-aliasing and screen resolution. And also dynamic lighting and dynamic reflections. 


CPU-bound settings are water reflections, water detail level, texture resolutions (clouds, airports etc.), autogen density and drawing distance, scenery complexity, ai density, cloud draw distance. 


If there’s anything in particular you’d like to know other than these ones let me know.

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Postby Beau Hollis » Wed, 31 May 2017, 11:52

GPU heavy features:
- Shadows
- Dynamic Reflections
- Dynamic Lighting
- 3D Water (water set to ultra)
- New 3D rain/snow effects (set weather to storm theme to test)

In terms of GPU memory, checking the high resolution terrain textures box will up the terrain tile resolution from 256 to 512. This uses 4x the texture memory for terrain. With a cfg tweak, you can get the resolution up to 1024. We don't support this via the UI because so few video cards have enough memory to function on that setting. Note that in addition to using more GPU memory, this will put more stress on the threaded CPU jobs used to generate those textures. So, it will impact loading times and paging performance which can lead to blurry textures, models popping in, etc.

Beau Hollis
Prepar3D Rendering System Lead


a quote from the Prepar3D forum.

Best regards

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