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Interior of aircraft seen on exterior

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I ran into the same problem using P3Dv4, so I don't know if thebelow will apply to your v2.  But seeing no one else has responded, you can always try the below without hosing anything.

It could be caused by one (or a combination of) the following:

1.  Whether you have Dynamic Lights enabled or disabled in P3D.  Try switching back and forth and see if changing the Dynamic Lights settings solves it.  (Caveat:  I'm not even sure right now if P3Dv2 HAS Dynamic Lights or not.  This AVSIM thread from 2014 seems conflicting about it

2.  Your P3D Shaders folder may need to be deleted and allowed to rebuild itself with the default shaders

3.  If your GPU drivers got updated, that may contribute to it also.

I'd try this in the following order:

1.  Do #1 above first (if P3Dv2 has Dynamic Lights).  If it only happens when using Dynamic Lights....

2.  Delete the P3D Shaders folder and let it rebuild the next time P3D starts.  If that fixes it, yay!

3.  If the above 2 tries don't fix it, you may need someone to advise you who is using P3Dv2.

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OK.  In my v4.2 I fixed it (but it was only happening with my PMDG airplanes when I had Dynamic Lights enabled in P3D) by deleting the Shaders folder and letting P3D rebuild the shaders on a restart.

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