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Just an update from me.

The PNY1080 worked well enough. I had it butter smooth at one point. However the sim starting CTDing (non-DXGI errors) and at first I thought I fixed it with an unwanted chaseplane beta update but then it did it again. This time the same ntdll.dll error that drove me out of FSX:SE. It literally crashed on short final for no reason. So I literally deleted P3D on the spot, then deleted the drives/windows, then ripped the computers (2 computers in this work space) apart and listed everything on Ebay. Then I removed the desk and chair and sold them and bought a couch (these computers where in my living room) the next morning to replace the bear spot.

I'm a so tired of trouble shooing this piece of sh*t game and the headaches from this build. I'm going to get a pre-built i9-9900k/2080 rig in a little while and reinstall only P3D (hopefully v4.4 is out by then) and PMDG/Actlve Sky/Rex World Airports HD. Maybe ORBX if it doesn't look as great. The FSLabs A319/320 has caused nothing but problems, I think, over 2 platforms (FSX:SE and P3D) and the constant troubleshooting has made this hobby absolutely painful.

I literally rag quit an i7-8700k build and I pray the next time is better.

So the 1080 kinda fixed the DXGI error but the game still disappoints.

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