What do you think of the career mode?

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For those of you who checked out the career mode beta for Flight Sim World, what do you think so far? 

What bugs have you found, what features would you like to see? 

How often would you see yourself flying in career mode? 

If you want to try out the beta, you can find instructions here

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I have been getting CTD's using Career mode after landing at destination airports. I believe it has to to with small airports with no parking spaces (runway only). I have not had any issues when the Sim is able to tell me or direct me were to park at airports with parking aprons? Thx.


Example:  KDSM to IA24.

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Posted (edited)

The FSW Career Mode is what PC civilian flightsims have been missing. I've flown it every day so far, it's a fantastic feature, well done DTG for implementing it!

Here are a few suggestions for Career Mode Jobs I'd like to see, featuring more use of flightplans with checkpoints to pass, within a minimum and maximum altitude:

Pleasure flight pilot doing aerial tours of local landmarks and Points of Interest.

Aerial photography pilot and aerial survey pilot plotting areas for proposed re-development or archaeological sites etc.

TV camera crew pilot giving 'eye-in-the-sky' traffic reports or other incidents around cities.

Medivac pilot.

Air display pilot at an airshow.


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More jobs at one airport and more variety of jobs. And I still miss some entertainment. MS Flight had some nice sounds, visuals like packages and interaction of the cargo/passengers if you flew to rocky. Flight planning or at least a ingame map is also missing.

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A few more suggestions for Career Mode Jobs I'd like to see, featuring more use of flightplans with checkpoints to pass, within a minimum and maximum altitude:

Air display pilot for the P40 (and forthcoming Spitfire) at: County Fairs, 1940's Weekends, Steam Rallies, Classic Car Shows and Racing Events, Agricultural Shows - 2 or 3 events could be visited on the same flight, with a low level flypast or two and a Victory Roll at each event.

VIP transport to: Music Festivals, Concerts, Racing events (horses, cars, powerboats, sailing etc.)

Executive transport between city airports - fly to a city airport, pick up passenger(s), then fly to destination.

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I can see career mode advancing when IFR flying and jets are available.  One could have a corporate pilot career and/or an airline career.  As I suggested on separate email, this was the main feature in subLOGIC's Air Transport Pilot.  Hope to see an evaluation mode added on how well was the assignment completed combined with a good pilot's log.  

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I have enjoyed the Career Mode in it's current limited format, and, being this is a Beta, I tinkered with the Career.JSON file (Hint: It can be edited using any text editor) to see if all the tabs could be unlocked.   Well - not yet.  Aircraft Market and Business Operations do not unlock.

Once you hit 5 reputation stars, you will have maxed out your Reputation range at 200 nm and acquired all currently available "awarded" aircraft - 4 of them.  The 5th one is likely reserved for the BizJet.

If you don't like the livery for your awarded aircraft, find the Aircraft Title in the Career.JSON, take a look at the Aircraft.cfg for that plane, find the title for the livery you would like in the aircraft.cfg, cut/paste said title to the appropriate location in Career.JSON and you have a livery of your choice, vice the default base plane liveries which are awarded.

If you want to move base airports without losing your current career, this can also be done.  Make a copy of your current Career.JSON file.  Delete the main file. Start a new career at your new airport.  Note the airport ID.  Copy/paste the ID into your backup file in the appropriate location.  Save the copy over the main Career.JSON file. Voila!  You have moved without having to start over.  I haven't tried using "unsupported" career airports, because I don't know where to find all of the Airport IDs, but would love to try.

Don't know what the plans are for the Aircraft Market or Business Operations, but looking forward to seeing those implemented.

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