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Need help preparing for CTP.

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As many of you know Vatsim CTP is coming up on us fast. Am having trouble that will eliminate me to fly on the day. They are Bluries and taxing.

Bluries: Whilst climbing/crusing the ground starts to become very disgusting that i would have to change the time, change scenery settings etc to make it look nice again but after 5-10mins it would like the same all disgusting (a think that happens often).


Taxing: FSX, P3D V3 where fine when i used to taxi with autorudder for some reason any aircraft i try and use and taxi to the runway or to gate its so hard. It seems like it dosent go complete full lock even though my joystick is full lock. I've set key buttons but for some reason that ain't working.


If anyone can help me i will appreciate it thank you  :)






P3D V4.2

PMDG 737,747,777

A2A C172


Many scenery.

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Read up on cpdlc, HF and vhf.  You see then why in theory CTP is a nice idea but completely and utterly unlike what crossing the pond actually is. 

As I said a million times before you are simulating trying to transmit on a VHF frequency at 30west (half way across the pond) which just simply wouldn't work. HF maybe, vhf no chance. 

In a perfect world we would have cpdlc on vatsim.  which is how things are done nowadays. 

Saying that you can cross the pond without it.  I worked last night and one of our a/c the cpdlc keeps playing up so it's under a MEL restriction.  Therefore when we flightplan we have to plan him at a constant altitude and speed and he also cannot use the PBCS tracks which once again arent really used in vatsim or known about. As they are a new thing. 

Its a fun event but please don't think all the flight crew tonight every 10 degrees are chatting away in the middle of Atlantic on Vhf.  They are not  and it wouldnt work not on vhf on 133.10 or whatever it is on vatsim I forget. 

I've always said I'd pay £10 a month to use vatsim if they implement cpdlc and better voice servers. 

Here's a few links to have a read 





But then what do I Know I just work for a long Haul airline as a flight planner (these kids on vatsim know more than me) and Im about to go into work for 12 hours and file a whole load of oceanic flightplans and track them all night long. 

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Wow. That's the main word that comes to mind. A self-serving response to an inquiry that has no benefit or aid, other than to pump up the responder's self-importance?

But what do I know? I just don't see any reason to rain on anyone's parade to make myself look like I matter more than I do.


AirProudPilot, I hope you get some assistance. Avsim can be a helpful place, or at least it used to be...

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No its not I'm giving the guy an insight, I couldnt care less what he or anyone else thinks about me. 

I'm explaining that whilst CTp is a fun event it's completely inaccurate, but most of the guys taking part will think it is when you couldn't be even more far from the truth. 

Ive even threw I'm a couple of links so if people want to learn about how it's actually done they can. 



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blurries im not so good on, try fsuipc for the joystick mapping

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