[11JAN19] RXP GNS 530W/430W V2 X-Plane v2.4.6 Released!

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Hi, I'm pleased to announce the latest update is now released!

It is available either via Plugin | Reality XP GNS | Check Updates... or directly from our web site.


  • New: COM TX/RX flag display with new XPlane 11.30 ATC.
  • New: GPS Source setting selects which simulator GPS to override.
  • New: Autopilot NAV->APPR automatic sequencing with AFMS GPS Selected Auto.
  • New: defaults.ini file for third party aircraft vendors (see manual).
  • New: Additional fine-grained WAAS failure variables (Professional license Only).
  • Enhanced: GUI Settings Panel presentation and logic.
  • Enhanced: GUI Settings Panel AFMS settings simplified.
  • Enhanced: TAWS limits auto-detection.
  • Enhanced: Instruments/Master pilot links and datarefs override (Panel Instrument Settings).
  • Enhanced: Instruments/Master pilot links when using both GNS and GTN.
  • Enhanced: Ensure GNS V2 discretes during POST sequence are similar to the GTN.
  • Enhanced: User's Manual pagination and illustrations
  • Enhanced: Further stability and performance enhancements.


  • New: Additional per device datarefs for third party integration.
  • New: Additional 'RXP' failure vars to supplement missing defaults (XP9).
  • Fixed: Power-On Self Test values (POST).
  • Fixed: Power-On Self Test Flight Director Test sequence (POST).
  • Fixed: Removed TAWS settings for any GNS 4XX devices (non-applicable).
  • Fixed: TCAS sound missing when using the GNS in TERR PROX mode.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Garmin trainer own code (source of CTD).
  • Enhanced: Environment variables updated (see User's Manual)
  • Enhanced: User's Manual 'Custom Datarefs' and 'Troubleshooting' sections.
  • Enhanced: Further stability and performance enhancements.


  • New: Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) selections:
    WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS and GAGAN extending availability of LPV approaches worldwide.
  • New: Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS) related settings.
  • New: Create and load per-aircraft Checklists (see User's Manual).
  • New: HSI CDI/GSI scaling factor (as in FltSim version).
  • Enhanced: Switching OBS mode should keep DTK stable.
  • Enhanced: Additional power sources setting (electric buses 1 to 6).
  • Enhanced: Undocumented 'GNSOBSTCL' environment variable sets path to the obstacle db file.
  • Enhanced: Further corrections to path redirections using the environment variables.
  • Enhanced: Further stability and performance enhancements.
  • Enhanced: User's Manual corrections.
  • Fixed: GNS Settings Panel could CTD on some computers.

About SBAS: Systems and approaches availability depends on the navigation database.
Display the last GNS AUX page, select SBAS Selection then enable each system.


About AFMS settings: The GNS supports specific enablement features configured during installation in a real aircraft. These are regrouped in the configuration panel under Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS) and allow selecting V-Flag Declutter, disabling CDI key etc...


  • Enhanced: Plugin graphics and renderer corrections.
  • Enhanced: Further stability and performance enhancements.


  • Fixed: Mouse not working in 3D and VR in previous update.


  • New: Settings | Gauge | Advanced | Link Simulator GPS Waypoints (updates XPlane GPS/FMS with next legs for EFIS display)
  • New: Settings | Gauge | Advanced | Auto-Save Active Route (.fms) (saves the active route to fms format)
  • Fixed: VR Windows general handling.
  • Enhanced: VR Windows display like 2D windows (no title, no edges).
  • Enhanced: Plugin menu updates properly in VR mode.
  • Enhanced: Knobs turn more naturally with left/right mouse buttons.
  • Enhanced: Gauge Tooltips corrections.
  • Enhanced: User's Manual corrections and additional information.
  • Enhanced: Further stability and performance enhancements.

The GNS V2 inherits two new features first introduced in our FltSim version:

Link Simulator GPS Waypoints: continuously updates the stock GPS/FMS route with the next waypoints (requires Master Device). This feature is designed to displaying GNS route on EFIS displays. XPlane limitations: user waypoint ident or waypoint not in the XP database display as encoded lat_lon format.

Auto-Save Active Route: save the active route to "X-Plane\Output\FMS plans\Reality XP GNS1 Route.fms" (and GNS2 for unit 2). This is a v11 or v3 compliant fms file (depending on your XP version) with the entire active route (not just the next waypoints). The device saves the route whenever it changes so that the file contains the latest used.

This update also fixes the VR window handling issues encountered with our first VR version (2.5.1).


  • New: Supports X-Plane 11.20 VR mode.
  • New: Added support to fail RAIM Check via datarefs.
  • New: Added discrete inputs datarefs.
  • New: Additional commands (discrete inputs like in GTN XPlane): 'CDI_SOURCE', 'OBS_MODE' and 'TAWS_INHIBIT'.
  • Fixed: GNS overrides A/P and HSI when loaded with some aircraft (no reload needed).
  • Enhanced: TAWS auto-detected limits are properly saved in the ini file.
  • Enhanced: User's Manual corrections and additional information.
  • Enhanced: Further stability and performance enhancements.

X-Plane 11.20 VR:

XPlane has known limitations which you should know: resizing the window with 2 green bars changes the definition, not the size (makes the graphics pixelated), therefore, resize the GNS window 1 green bar at a time instead. Also, XPlane SDK permits restoring the window size only and not its position.

A/P and HSI override:

This should fix the issue with some aircraft (Carenado, etc...) where the GNS was not able to connect to the A/P and the HSI when initially loaded, and for which the interim fix was to unselect then reselect the GNS from the menu.


  • New: LinkObs connects GPS to OBS source, either HSI (with LinkHsi) or VOR (AutoNavSource).
  • New: Autopilot coupling and tracking compatible with host simulator simulation rate (up to 128x).


  • New: Popup Windows compatible with the latest XP11.20+ VR.
  • New: SHIFT+RIGHT Click the GPS top edge opens the GUI Settings (like FltSim version).
  • New: SHIFT+LEFT Click the GPS top edge resizes the popup window (like FltSim version).
  • New: Added 'Master Device' setting to the GUI Settings (like FltSim version).
  • New: GNS Hardware Driver compatible with 64bits simulators*
  • Fixed: GPS Master Device state not saved to the settings file (take 2).
  • Enhanced: The plugin log file name is now "Documents\rxpGNS2.xpl.log" for consistency.
  • Enhanced: User's Manual renamed to: "Reality XP GNS V2 User's Manual (XPlane).pdf".
  • Enhanced: Installer cleans up older manual and shortcuts left from previous installations.
  • Enhanced: User's Manual corrections and additional information.
  • Enhanced: Further stability and performance enhancements.

* The installer includes the latest PFC DLL 32/64bits but the feature requires a separate GNS Hardware Driver product license to function.


With the previous versions, the option used to only connect the HSI OBS to the GPS. 

New in v2.4, when using the LinkObs option, the OBS source is either the HSI OBS when the GPS device is connected to the HSI (LinkHsi option), or the VOR1/2  OBS when the GPS device is connected to the VOR (in this case VOR1 or VOR2 depends on the AutoNavSource setting).

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