Selecting Saitek FIP instrument with LUA

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Hi all Linda fans

I have recently received another Saitek FIP , my 4th ( birthday present). But now my question is : is there any way to select which instruments should be shown by using LUA/Linda. I fly different aircraft from light GA to heavy metal Jets, but whenever I change aircraft I have to re-select which  FIPs  I want. 

One cumbersome method is to have several different SaiFlightFip.xml files. This file defines which instruments should be shown in each FIP when FSX/P3D starts. SaiFlightFip.xml is only updated when FSX/P3D exits so that the same instruments will be shown next startup. 

SaiFlightFip.xml contains 

    <Fip Serial="MZ82D39BCB" Name="My Alt Sp VS"/><Fip Serial="MZB1E67FBA" Name="PFD version 3"/><Fip Serial="MZEF0EAEF0" Name="Altimeter"/><Fip Serial="SZ00031217" Name="Airspeed Indicator"/></FipList>

If I remember beforehand I put the correct file in the Saitek folder before I start P3D. If not then I put the file in the Saitek folder after P3D has started Then I run this batch file ( as administrator)

"Restart Satek.bat" 

taskkill /F /IM SaiFlightSimX.exe

Net stop "SaiDOutput"

Net start "SaiDOutput"

start "fred" /B "C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\ProFlight FSX Plugin\SaiFlightSimX.exe"

( this batch file is also great when testing/designing new custom instruments)

Which then shows the instruments I want. But the instruments are not active and so I have to reset the aircraft (control ;)

What would be really useful would to be able select the instrument configuration in LUA/ Linda when Linda has detected which aircraft is being used.

Has anyone any ideas?

Linda is Great





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Hi Frank

LINDA does recognise the Saitek FIPs are a unique device and adds them to the Joystick. Unless LINDA detects the serial number is can not identify multiple FIPs should you unplug and reattach to a different USB port. Apart from assigning functions to any buttons, LINDA provides no control or output to these devices.

In the Setup Joysticks page does LINDA show a serial number for each of your 4 devices? How many buttons does LINDA identify.

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