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A2A Piper Cherokee Instrument Add On

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Hi!  I have been away from Panel Builder for a while but I have recently reinstalled it and got everything up to date.  I just bought the A2A Piper Cherokee Instrument Add On but I am having a similar problem with 3 of the gauges as follows

Airspeed Indicator - needle is continuously jumping by about 20mph back and forward

Fuel Pressure - the needle is again jumping all the time - sometimes fully left then fully right then back to the correct reading

STEC/Turn Indicator - gauge is operating correctly but the lights flash on and off all the time.  After set up the ready light blinks and if I select Altitude or Heading those lights come on but blink all the time too. The lights should be constantly on (or off) as they are in the Virtual Cockpit.

The gauges in the Virtual Cockpit are not jumping/flashing. I am using FSX Steam Edition on Windows 10.  I have a paid copy of FSUIPC. I am running Panel Builder on the same PC as FSX SE. I tried reducing the update time in the Network settings - right down to 50ms.  That helped with the Fuel Pressure needle not moving quite so much but didn't make any difference to the Airspeed Indicator or STEC/Turn Indicator. All the other gauges are operating correctly and reflecting the values shown in the A2A Virtual Cockpit.

This is spoiling my enjoyment of flying the wonderful Cherokee so I would be grateful for any ideas on how to solve this.


Rich Cooke


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Just to tidy this up I had a multi e-mail exchange with Reinhard (the developer) who was very helpful and we eventually solved it by an uninstall/reinstall of the A2A Cherokee and the AccSim update.  Its working perfectly now.

Rich Cooke

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