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I enjoy flying in XP11 in Samsung Oddssy VR with Cirrus SF50 or the Zibo 737, and I like it as real as it gets with talking to ATC in heavy traffic.

I do sometime fly online on the IVAO network, but I prefer offline mostly.


For offline realism I use the combination of:


- World Traffic 3 (Traffic)

- ATC chatter (background ATC chatter)

- MCE (as FO when flying Zibo 737)

- IVONA sounds for ATC and FO


Everything is working fine except for two things:

- I can see the WT3 traffic but not shown in my TCAS radar

- P2ATC can's see the WT3 traffic also


Finding a solution for the first one, helped me to solve the other .. partially

By this post, from a gentleman call ceo1944:



Basically you have to add AI aircraft manually, not like what WT3 guide stated, to be like this:



Now traffic are shown in TCAS radar, and P2ATC is aware of them, and giving me new instructions I never heard it before, like:

- Traffic at 1 O'Clock at 11,000 feet

- Cleared to land number 2

- Aircraft on runway go missed approach

- Lineup and wait


It is amazing, really joyful ...


The only thing missing is that P2ATC can't control or talk to the WT3, I talked to Dave and told me this is something in WT3 side, I'll try to contact them.


Have a look at this video, I was enjoying the decent to Duabi Intl on the back seat of the SF50 and the P2ATC warns me on traffic before the TCAS, so I jumped the captain seat and had a look at the passing by traffic though the windows, then you can see that I looked at the map with all the traffic as back dots in a  usual busy Dubai airport.


I would like to thank Dave and P2ATC team for the interaction and for this fabulous app 

Sorry for making this long, I hope you find this useful 



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2 hours ago, llanddewi said:

Thanks! Awesome indeed! I know interaction with P2A was or is on the agenda for WT3 - see the feature list item 'Finish Pilot2ATC interface' here: http://classicjetsims.com/WorldTraffic/bugs.html

It would be great if this could indeed be finished!!

Good to know, 65% finished as per them, can’t wait.

Have a look at my other video here how it may all work together:




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I have this configuration set up, and p2atc see's all the traffic and it's great.  I get the number 2 for landing instructions, which is also great.  One question though.  Under what circumstances (in this configuration) would i get a 'line up and wait' instruction?  I've been in a line of 4 planes, and moved my way up to the hold short point, and then called in with ready for departure at that point.  P2ATC always just gives me the cleared for takeoff instruction even if the other plane on the runway hasn't gotten off the ground yet.  Wondering what order of steps others are doing to get this instruction.




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