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Gen'l AI Aircraft & Airport Gates Question

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Recently, I've begun using AI Flight Planner AIFP to create AI flight plans. I seem to have encountered some difficulties when using B767's, as these a/c seem to require large airport gates due to their size. As a result, they will not fit into a 'Gate Medium' parking gate. However, looking into many of the default airports, it seems there are quite a few airports that do not offer Large/Heavy gates. As a result, it seems many of my flightplans do not show up, as there is no appropriate gate to support the a/c. Not to mention that most of the Ramp parking I've seen is usually for GA, and nowhere near enough to support large a/c.

Is this a common problem?? Is anyone aware of how Ultimate Traffic Live UTL or Traffic Global handle this issue? If my reasoning is correct, many flights would be 'non-existant' due to this mismatch of a/c to gates. Is the solution to add/modify existing airports to create larger gates (using Airport Design Editor ADE)? Seems like that last option would surely complicate matters.

Certainly there are many AI flight plans that use B737's, and smaller Airbuses. But there sure are a lot of B767 & A330 AI models out there, which I would expect would also exist in UTL .

Hoping to hear others' experiences in this area.

Thx,   Mike

 Michael Simbro

Intel i7-6700, EVGA GTX 1660ti 6gb, Nvidia 456.71 drivers, Win 10 Pro/64bit

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Well yes default airports will cause this.   Might want to look into downloading Robert Catherall's scenery files he has converted from Ray Smith's great FSX airports.  Those are mainly just the large airports.  Tons of other FSX airports will work in P3D but you may need to fix the taxiways in ADEX.  

You can also fix this via ADEX.  This way you can assign gates for larger sizes and even adjust the gate size by wingspan.  

But i think if there is no suitable gate parking for large aircraft then they default to like Cargo etc.  I could be wrong, but i know smaller aircraft default to other non gate parking spots automatically.

Jason Weaver - WestWind Airlines; FlyUK Airlines; VirtualUnited.org



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