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Hi to all,

I enjoy to fly inside Real Traffic and i also enjoyed to look real traffic arriving and departing from an airport. PsxSeeconTraffic of Nico is an amazing tool for this.

I use FSX Steam Edition and Steam Flightcontrol moving map. After you put your aircraft on airport you want to look real traffic, you open RealTraffic Program and PsxSeeconTraffic Program. On the flightcontrol moving map you can see Real Traffic around your airport and Parked planes on this airport. If you use the full information Ai Aircraft on Moving Map (color blue click 2 times on AI Aircraft) each plane of real traffic has his registration number, type of plane, flight level and speed written on the map.

Now for example i want to look  on my window FSX the landing of one real plane.  2 possibilities:

1- go on Views, new view, Air traffic of FSX bar and try to see the type and registration number of the real flight yu want to see landing (you have this on the moving map). One new window open and you see your flight on the open new window.

2-I use Super Traffic Board (STB) who was created for AI traffic of FSX and is not really adapted for Real Traffic but we can use because with Super Traffic Board its more easy to see real traffic on FSX full window than with AI traffic of FSX.

You open STB, you connect to FSX and for select airport you put "ALL". Many informations are not given (Scheduled, Due, From, To, Dep.remarks, Arr remarks, Dep Gate, Arr Gate, Dep runway, Arr runway and Distances), but you can see the flight airline with his logo,the type of aircraft, the registration number (same than on moving map and PsxSeeconTraffic)), Altitude, Speed and Course. So STB show you all the real flights given by PsxSeeconTraffic and seen on moving map.

what is interesting with STB is that each column of the table can be sorted in ascending or descending alphabetical order so it is very easy to locate the plane you want to see. Then you click on le line of the plane and you see him on full window FSX.

It is not perfect because you have not departure or arrival town and time but you can verify that you have really real traffic on this airport.



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I you want listen in real time the real ATC communications between tower and pilots of real traffic PsxSeeconTraffic go look my other topic



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