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Watch out for the jet lag

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My shortest flight was Oakland to San Francisco on a Swearingen Metroliner back in the 80's, we took off to the North, turned back to the south, then lined up for 28R into SFO.  It was quite a bit of fun.  Second shortest was Burlington VT to Plattsburgh, NY over Lake Champlain, so of course they had to brief us for over-water flights.  The briefing took longer than the flight.  Shortest jet flight, in an American 767, was Zurich to Geneva, where we had beautiful views of the Alps off the port wing with the sun glinting off of the wing.  From Geneva I hopped a train into the city, then changed trains and visited Annecy France, a beautiful alpine lake town worthy of a sim visit if you have good alpine mesh.


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Not exactly the shortest flight John, but a short detour from Travis to Oakland.

About 1966.  I was on a contract Super G Connie flight from Japan to Travis AFB.  My first wife had died and I was travelling with our 6 month old daughter.  It was a mid-morning arrival and my family was waiting to pick me up at Travis.

We circled Travis for some time and the fog just wouldn't lift se we were diverted to Oakland.

There I sat in the Oakland terminal (which had virtually no facilities) for a couple hours waiting for mu family to drive from Travis to the Oakland airport.

A nice stewardess from the flight waited with me and helped me with the baby until my folks arrived.  She went aboard the aircraft and got some diapers and warmed up some milk.  The crew was waiting to have the aircraft serviced for the short flight to KSFO.



A cranky old curmudgeon trying to cope in the wake turbulence of a century rapidly leaving me behind.

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