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On ‎6‎/‎6‎/‎2018 at 10:42 PM, Driverab330 said:

Thx for the info, I have never have the privilege to fly the 772LR in real life which I would love to.

Not to get into a prolonged discussion on this matter with you and Phill I talked to my B777 buddy about these issues this evening over burgers on the grill and soft drinks.  He normally doesn't fly the AOA because the magic will not let him except in certain situations.  They do train extensively using the AOA in various emergency scenarios including the LR/ER.  He does use the AOA for a reference.  

I asked about deck angle on landing and specifically about whether the nose needed to held off the group with back pressure similar to the B767 or pushed forward like the B757.  He said on landing the nose is normally about 65 feet off the ground and must be held off the ground and allow to settle gently as speed decreases. 

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12 hours ago, 19dcavscout said:

RC-12X. King Air 200 body, Beech 1900 wings tail and landing gear, -67 engines, and a crap ton of antennas. It's definitely something else.

My goodness, that sounds interesting.  The Wikipedia article has a short mention of the RC12X, and that they entered service in 2011.... yeah, way after my time but the various King Air's have been part of the military forever it seems.  We had them in the 89th Special Airlift Wing (the unit that operates Air Force One) when I was on active duty 69-71.

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