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Tomato shade? been outta the loop

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6 minutes ago, awf said:

All my remarks are still in place that the system is flawed and I don't agree with you Sethos 1988, as for the lightning system you are correct I actually mend the dynamic reflection / lightning system.


So what did you find flawed about it when you used TomatoShade?

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... saw too late its an old tpic. edited

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is there any way to apply only the tomato-optimization tweaks over envshade? I tried to apply envshade then to tick tomato-optimization tweaks and apply them it results in resetting default shaders.


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My personal opinion is that it is a good add on for visual effects, but "eating" the fpm too much especially on relatively weak machines. 

I would like to share also that there is no proper support for the error messages yet, or at least I could not find such. There was a red text after starting the main program saying "something went wrong" and that was it. Mistakes with some shudder files were listed also, but I could not find any way how to fix them. Whatever I tried to do after that was pointless.

Another concern is how the installation works in general. It has no any signs in Programs, which makes the entire thing a bit dim and especially how it can be removed from the machine.

Hope someone can comment.


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I tried it yesterday and this looks like an alternative to PTA, with additional features (reflections, etc.), can anyone tell me if there are any advantages to using Tomato for the VC? I saw that there was a VC Option in the Dynamic Reflection Maker but the documentation seem to indicate there are no advantages for VC... is that the case? I am not completely sure that Tomato can make things better in the VC.

One thing that I noticed that was really nice and I wish PTA had, was the ability to tune the raindrops (I played with the settings and the rain drops in the FSL A319 VC was more realistic)

Thanks for any feedback!


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