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Change CPU do I ned to reinstall?

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Hi all,

I am contemplating upgrading my CPU only  (1151Socket). My question is would this change  require a  de/re-install of Prep3Dv4?

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I  just completed installing a new MB and CPU ,  it went without a hitch and I did not have to reinstall WIN10 or P3Dv4....   I did have to re authenticate my WIN10.


Hope it all goes well for you,


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Thanks aero, I  will give it a go.  I fancy the new Intel 8086K (6 procs at 5GHZ sounds good to me" limited edition. If Win 10 is a problem after an upgrade you can just "upgrade"  your PC on the MS site. I have done this before and is a quick way to clear up the windows side of things. I haven't got a reference site URL handy but a quick search will give you the page on "How to". 

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you need to be real quick to get the 8086k  ...   I heard that theyre only making  8086 of them...   maybe will become a collectors piece in the future.

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