RAAS Quit Working

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Hi Mike,

    I uninstalled the B772 and B773.  The RAAS Pro entry remained in the Programs and Features of Control Panel.

I decided to uninstall the Aerosoft Airbuses next. During the Airbus uninstall I was informed that RAAS Pro would be uninstalled.

I did not get this advisory during the T7 uninstalls.  I then uninstalled the B744 v3.  Nothing regarding RAAS appeared during

this uninstall either (similar to the T7 uninstalls).  I next intend to (re)install the B777-200 package and test RAAS before

reinstalling anything else.  If RAAS works, then I'll re-install the B744 v3 package and test RAAS with the 747.  Then

I'll reinstall the AS Airbuses.  During the installation,  when it offers to install RAAS I will decline,   until I hear from

the RAAS support forum.  Reading the AS Airbus installation and removal instructions it states that at the end of the

installation it will offer the option to install their Locked version of RAAS Pro.  

    At this time I'm somewhat suspicious of whether the installation of the AS Airbus's RAAS installation somehow negatively

affected the Locked PMDG RAAS installation.  But I can't be sure now.   

   I'll follow up here as my RAAS soap opera continues.

Best regards,


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Hi Mike,

I (finally) have RAAS working.  What I did >>

Uninstalled B777-200 and -300

Uninstalled Aerosoft Airbuses (A318 thru A321)  >>  This action removed the RAAS Pro entry from Programs and Features in Control panel;  Indicating

    (perhaps) that PMDG T7 and B744 v3 had nothing to do with it being there.

Verified that all my scenery areas were enabled and then ran Makerunways.exe

Reinstalled (only) the B777-200LR Base package.  Verified that "RAAS Installed" was enabled in the FMC options.

Tested the T7-200 RAAS at default KMIA airport and it was a "no go".

I ran a file named "FS2Crew RAAS PMDG 777.exe" that I found in my PMDG T7 files backup folder.  RAAS still didn't work.

Disabled / re-enabled RAAS in the T7 FMC Options,  Created a profile for the B777 in the RAAS Professional section of the Add- Ons pull down menu in FSX

   and made it the " Default " profile and ensured that the "Master Switch (On / Off" check box was checked (ON).  I also did the RAAS Self Test and it passed.

   I then discovered during testing that the "Master Switch (On / Off)"  box was un-checking itself.  Also, I still had had no RAAS.

I rebooted the PC and started up FSX to test the T7 RAAS again and it was a Eureka moment.

    So,  I don not know exactly what action(s) brought the T7 RAAS back to life,  or how long it will live.  Guessing the reboot may have been required after

running the  "FS2Crew RAAS PMDG 777.exe".

    Next will be the re-install of B777-300 package > and RAAS testing. 

    Next will be the re-install of the PMDG B744 v3 > and RAAS testing.

    Next will be re-install of Aerosoft Airbuses.  Near the end of this installation when prompted to install (the Locked) RAAS, I will likely decline unless I

get something very encouraging from the RAAS support folks,  convincing me that it will not interfere with the PMDG (Locked) RAAS.

   I apologize for the long winded nature of this follow up.  Hoping perhaps someone else with similar RAAS issue may benefit in some way.......

Best to all and a Happy Father's Day,


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Posted (edited)

Hi Ken,

Your methodical approach  is certainly the way to go!

I don't have the Aerosoft Airbuses installed, just the NGX, 747 QOT and 777-200LR & 300ER.  I don't see RAAS showing up as installed in Control Panel>Uninstall Programs.  But it is working.  When I open it  within FSX from the addon drop-down, Master Switch is unchecked.  Since RAAS seems to be working OK, I just left it alone (but my FSX is a recent install on a new computer, and I discovered I had not  installed MakeRunways.  So when I installed it and ran it, RAAS started working).  Also, when I open RAAS in the FSX drop-down, it says "PMDG 777X" at the top.

I don't have FS2Crew so I don't know how it interacts with RAAS.


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Hi Mike,

  I don't have FS2Crew either. Thank you for all the helpful information.  I will keep it for future reference if / when needed.  I'll also follow up here

as my re-installs progress.

Best regards,


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Posted (edited)

Update / Follow-up >>

     I had been under the impression that the Profiles in the (FSX) RAAS Pro pop-up were completely optional.  They're not.

Fact is, I have learned the hard way that each specific aircraft type (or Model) that I desire to use RAAS with must have a

Profile,  And,  that this Profile must be selected from a pull down list inside the pop-up.  Also,  the " Master Switch (ON / OFF) "

block in the pop-up must be selected (ON) in order for RAAS to function with the active aircraft type (ie PMDG B777, PMDG B747, etc). 

   For those who aren't aware,  the Profile pop-up is accessed from the "Add-ons" pull down menu on FSX Menu Bar.  

Also,  be aware that the correct aircraft type (or model) must be selected >  I discovered that there were two 777 entries

on my profile list ( "777X"  entry,  and a "PMDG B777" entry).  Only the " 777X " entry when selected, would

give me RAAS for the PMDG B777.  The Profile List is accessed from the pop-up's menu bar,

   Now I am able to successfully use the Locked FS2Crew RAAS  on all three of my aircraft types that  included RAAS (Locked)

in their installations > PMDG B777,  PMDG B747 and Aerosoft Airbus Extended packages.

   Hope this may help those who may find themselves in my earlier, somewhat cornfuzed dilemma.

   Feel free to ask questions and / or offer criticism / ridicule.

Best to all,


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