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Baby steps: Premier rehabilitation. Expert help needed

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After considerable effort, trying to get the Pro line/Carenavigraph to where it would allow the Premier to be usable (see recent threads in this, the Premier, area, authored by me), I have given up on that and turned my attention to alternative ways of making the Premier a success.

I got the airplane for the airplane, not avionics; I am not at all interested in either Pro line or Navigraph and would be perfectly happy with nothing more than a GPS. So I have tried to see what might be done about that.

Unfortunately, my skills in doing surgery in configuration files are very limited but I know enough to at least make backups and I know a little bit about the basics of how aircraft config and panel config files do things.

So I went to the \sim objects\airplanes\Premier1 folder. First I created refuge folders for Panel and texture common, naming them Old panel and Old texture common respectively. These two would be strictly read only but keeping the original syntax safe. I had decided    that I was going to try to end up with the G 1000 from the Carenado TBM 850 substituting in for the ProLiane/Nava graph. This would be more than fine with me if I could make it work; I'm really not too much into all this new modern flight management computer crap anyway! 

So I looked into the Panel config folder and let the [Window 00] the PFD and the [window 01], the MFD and substituted in the corresponding syntax from the first two Windows in the TBM 850 panel config. I then did the same thing with the first three gauges in each of these two Windows. I should mention that, in doing this, I only copied the title of each gauge and maintained, on each line,  the comma delimited numerical syntax out on the right side of each line just as it was in the original folder. I then realized I would need to do the same basic thing for the gauges in the VC 00  and in the VC 01 areas as well.

The result was basically where I am now: I can go to the area which used to be what would be the 2-D panel (where you end up when you hit F10) and there you have the little Premier graphic which, when you click on it, gives you the PFD and/or MFD respectively. Hallelujah! I actually got the PFD and the MFD from the Garmin 1000. But they won't show up in the virtual cockpit panel and they won't do much of anything. So that's where I'm at.

But I have made some progress: at least now when I flip on the master switch, the entire airplane does not lock up the video immediately. The frame rate screen motion is normal and I can start the engines and I can hand fly the airplane and that's a big step forward because previously none of that was even remotely possible. But I have no autopilot and I have no avionics.

So, where do I go from here? I freely admit I'm in way over my head and I need some pointers but I am absolutely convinced IT CAN BE DONE. Here's what I need that I don't have

A.) Get the PFD and the MFD to show up in their respective Windows in the virtual cockpit.

B.) To get them, and the autopilot, to work. A working G 1000 would be more than fine with me.

It was Greg Mink, the   P1D driver, who got me interested in this airplane. That I will happily admit. But I must also say that since I acquired it From Carenado I am very fond of it and cannot get it out of my mind. I am just not, not ready to give up on it yet but unless I get some, at least a little, knowledgeable expert advice, I just don't know where to go from here.

From what I have read, there are a lot of people who are in the same boat as I am with this airplane (and some other Carenado airplanes as well), they just can't get it to work. The Premier is not the only one of Carenado's airplanes having problems with Pro line and/or Nava graph but other than that they are lovely airplanes and it's a shame that they can't fly.
Now I know that any of you guys who know what you are doing about this stuff and who might be reading this, are clucking and shaking your head because you know right there I have done something wrong, or I have not yet done enough of right. And I am hoping I can get somebody to tell me what it is.

Any input of any kind from anybody GREATLY APPRECIATED.



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