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Beware with ACE

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Hey, dear Simbuilders and Prosim Users.

I come to you after an unfortunate situation I am experiencing with a company I thought was my best option for purchasing flight controls and rudder pedals for my Boeing 737 NG Simulator. I decided to go for Aircraft Controls Engineering, best known as ACE. Their products were looking good and I decided to try them.

I placed my order for a dual flight control system and rudder pedals for my sim on January 2017 with a 3 month payment that I did with a really big effort of a whole year of work, worth around $5,600.00 USD, not a penny though.

Payment was completed by late April 2017. Everything was looking good.

By June I started to guess when I will be getting my products and I was told by Darryl Sheppard that the yokes and pedals were almost done and ready for shipping. The story continued until November when the yokes were still almost ready for shipping.

By early 2018 on January, I could talk to Ali (ANWAR MUHAMMAD HAROON) who runs the company and was told by him that the company was involved in a scam, loosing a lot of money because of this. Told him that I understand his situation and suggest a plan of action. We agreed to have a due date 1 month later (by late February) for the flight controls and rudders to be done otherwise he would reimburse the money invested.

To this date I have not received any reimbursement and communications with him is very difficult and unclear.

I decided to bring the case to court because this kind of person does not deserve to scam anymore good people. I was very open to resolve this issue the best friendly way, but taking advantages over people that gives you open arms to resolve the matter on the best way and getting nothing in return, does not deserve to be out there doing this to someone else.

I approached to the Consumer Protection of Canada (where the company is based) to get some help about the case, and they didn´t get any response from the company. Because of this, now ACE is listed on the Consumer Beware List.

You can confirm that accessing on this link: http://www.consumerbeware.mgs.gov.on.ca ... i=0&page=1 

I am really telling you to STAY AWAY FROM ACE and their products, because one day you will be in my same situation if something wrong goes with the company, because there is no support and no interest in customers.

If you had experience any problems with ACE, please contact me.


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Dear Eduardo,

I'm having a very bad experience with ACE. Nearly a year ago, in September 2017, I paid in full ($680 USD) for their '737 Desktop Yoke' with an extra hat-switch added and shipping fee (to Australia). They have been telling me that they were going to ship my order for almost a year now but nothing was ever shipped. I left on their Facebook page a few messages asking what's happening with my order. All the messages got deleted and I think that I can no longer leave any more messages. They also stopped replying to my private messages and emails. I'm very worried about not being able to get my money back at this point. Is it too late? Could you please help?

Many thanks,



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Hi everyone! I am in the same situation.The order was placed in march 2017, rudder pedals 1195usd. After 1 year i have requested to refund, cause i can't wait indefinitely.. now i still have been waiting for refund(totally 16 months). No pedals, no money. I propose to stay in contact with you, and start some cooperation against ace, if there is no result within next few weeks. 

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Hi all, 

I have ordered a 777 desktop yoke from ACE almost a month ago. At first, they kept telling me it'll be done in 10 days.  Alright, so after 10 days (19 July, 2018), they said the yoke needs to be powder coat and tested, sure! I'm fine with that. Then later in 25 July, 2018, they said it'll be ship that week, but nothing happened. After that, I sent them tons of messages on messenger and got a replied two days ago, on Tuesday (31 July, 2018), they said they'll ship my one, but until now nothing happened I don't have the tracking number even I kept asking them through messenger and email, however, no replies from them. I tried to track it in the "reference" section in UPS website, but nothing seems to be there. I assume it's not shipped yet. Moreover, I tried to call them with two numbers, one number didn't work at all. Someone picked up the other number, but they said it's not ACE (Aircraft Controls Engineering), not sure how to keep in touch with them. 

It's normal to be worried, I paid a large amount of money to them (as a student), tried very hard to save that amount of money. Furthermore, this yoke is also for one of my school project. They agreed to be done in 10 days at first, however, it's still not complete and they are making tons of unreasonable excuses continuously. 

They told me to stop spamming them and said it'll be "ship soon." Now I am unable to message them on Facebook, I believe they have blocked me or muted me, which makes me even worried. 

Wish everyone the best


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They delete all my posts on fb. Not only mine, but all those people, who try to return their money. STAY AWAY FROM ACE, AIRCRAFT CONTROL ENGINEERING, ALI HAROON ANWAR AND DARRYL SHEPHARD. 

Time to bring action to a court.

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These posts shouldn't be buried here but rather communicated under a more visible generic category of posts intended to alert potential buyers. Hard-earned money should be protected from such companies.



CYND, Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

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Dear all,

After months of frustration, the bank has finally completed my dispute case, meaning all my money are returned safely. It indeed took me a while to get this settled. I do strongly suggest everyone to open up a dispute case if you had a transaction via credit card, particularly the ones who recently ordered, as this company is a complete SCAM. Once again, the company is Aircraft Controls Engineering (ACE). 

Please feel free to contact me if you are one of those victims, I will try my best to assist you. 


Have a good day

Eugene Cheung

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My impression is that ACE went out of business months ago.

Look at when they last responded to questions from potential clients (and FB is their primary sales interface!!). 6 or so months ago.

My experience was exactly the same as others here. Sad particularly as I had been a customer of theirs some years ago.

Darryl and Ali tried to fleece me almost AUD $800. Waited 6 months for an order promised in 2. Always mine was the `next to ship'. All questions regarding  late delivery were removed and eventually I was blocked from posting on their site (like many others who contacted me via messenger)

Having been in the simulator parts game for almost 20 years I am very understanding of small suppliers in terms of delivery time frames.  However with this mob it was clear something was not right as soon as the delivery time frame was not met. The excuses got more and more bizzare and contradictory.

Fortunately I purchased through PayPal, realised I was being ripped off and raised a dispute. ACE did not even bother responding to PayPal's request to resolve the issues so they refunded my money quickly. Thanks at least to ACE for being so slack with PayPal! 😉

FYI the direct emails addresses for these guys is:- 

Darryl Shepphard:- darrylacw579@googlemail.com

Ali - ali@737yoke.com  He is the actual owner according to Darryl - I realise that this email address is my be useless as 737Yoke is apparently part of ACE and is therefore likely bust as well.. 

Hope those owed money can claw it back somehow.



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