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One of the things I like about Air Hauler, is it gets me to fly to airports and destinations I might not normally think of going to. On this occasion I'd flown my French-based CRJ1000 down to Southern Spain to open a hub at Almeria, but then needed to fly to Senegal because I wanted to open a base there too, but didn't want to fly the jet down all that way empty, thus I was looking for a job which was at least heading that way, so as to not completely waste fuel going there empty; that's when I saw there was a job from Almeria to Casablanca, hence the thread title of course. so here we are, turning left onto 235 degrees, after coming off runway 8 at Almeria, to head across the Med to Casablanca. And since I'm a massive fan of Bogart and his movies, below there's a bit of Casablanca-related movie trivia for you to accompany the screenshot...

At the end of Casablanca, when Ilsa boards the plane after Rick makes the famous: 'Because you're getting on that plane.' speech which had everyone in tears at his noble sacrifice, the plane in question is an Air France Lockheed L-12 Electra Junior, supposedly bound for Lisbon, but Air France never operated any Electra L-12 Juniors (they do operate CRJ1000s like this one though). Of course France was occupied by the Germans in 1942 when the movie Casablanca was made, so Warner Brothers had to paint up an American plane in Air France colours, and they simply used what was to hand, which was an Electra. If you look very carefully in some of the shots at the end of the movie, you might just be able to tell that in the very long shots, the aeroplane is in fact a reduced scale model of an Electra (it is about 3/4 size) with dwarves moving around it dressed as airline personnel, to make the set seem bigger and the plane appear more distant, a simple trick, which was also employed by Ridley Scott in the 1979 movie, Aliens; Scott dressed his own children in smaller replicas of full sized spacesuits, to make the set of the Nostromo spacecraft's landing gear look much bigger in the long shots. 🙂



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