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Hello again

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On 4/8/2019 at 6:17 AM, RandallR said:

Hi Colin,

Sounds like a great system.  I built a couple of Xeon systems over the years to edit broadcast video, though I haven't found that type of setup necessary to run FSX fairly well.  I do need to replace my video card with a far better nVidia unit, though I'm currently being held hostage by the needs of my home office system for a particular video editing program.  I'll be dumping it shortly for a different app which can work well with regular game-capable cards.  (then I'll just need to raise the funds) 😂

I did look at X-Plane a little, though it seemed the high end capabilities of FSX and some of the independent developers were more to my liking.

Hi Randall,

I stopped using Fly! & Fly!2 a good while back. I did some testing with Chris Wallace when he started Fly! Legacy but then it kind of went over to Simvol and I lost interest there.

I suppose I just drifted into other things, coupled with a move to Asia. I just had my trusty MacBook for traveling and I was forced to buy a small desktop for a couple of company applications that required Windows - obviously not an ideal setup for a flight sim!

I decided to get another computer with a view to running a simulator again and found an HP workstation with a good spec.I did some checking and various gaming sites said that it would run X-Plane well and so it has proved. The good thing about X-Plane was the fully functioning demo and the ease of customizing it. I can't compare it with any others as I haven't tried any but I am happy with X-Plane for now - plus I can still fly my Fly! series as well. Come to think about it, I may still have an old installation of Flight Unlimited somewhere.......

Happy days 🙂

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Just logged in again to see what's new in the flight sim world. Glad to see there are still people popping into this small section of AVSIM. 🙂

I haven't installed Fly! or Fly! II (or Fly!2K even) in forever, but I do get nostalgic every now and then and remember the old days fondly. Those were good times.

Saw MSFS 2020 a few minutes ago... whoa! Hard to believe it, after so long. I was never a super hard core MSFS fan since of course I was more into Fly! (I made Sky!, Ground Control, TerraScene (with Todd Klaus), etc.) but I am looking forward to checking out the new stuff, for sure.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year!


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Hi Jenna!  Very good to see you are still around! True, there are still s few of us that pop in here from time to time. I try to check here a couple times a month at very least.


I still have Fly! II installed (hard to load up Fly!2K now on my latest Win10 platform - vid card harder to figure out now), but Fly! II works marvelously. I wax nostalgic  to fly the Seawind every so often as I never have been able to find anyone willing to attempt to convert it over to FSX. Have to say Rich was highly forward thinking - in that the sim didn't rely/need to be in the Windows Registry. I have my last original load on a backup (14.3 GB) and just have to copy the one folder to main drive (if I so choose ;-) ) and off I go!

I too, am watching keenly the development of MSFS 2020 - but unless I get cable or fiber *unlimited* internet access - I most likely won't be able to enjoy it as thoroughly as I'd like. 

Hope you had a good 2019 and will have an even better 2020!




Kenneth E Wood Jr  🌪️🌩️

ex AG1, USN (14yr Vet) Weather Foecaster


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Hi everybody,

It's been a while since I last checked in.

I haven't been doing much simming for some time but periodically load up Fly2 and go for a spin in the old Grumman AA5 Roger Mazengarb did.

Good to see some activity on the Forum...I was worried AVSIM may take it down.

best wishes to all


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