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Is this a fake?

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How can a plane (especially a massive one like the AN225) to fly below the power lines? 😶



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They do it very, very carefully............................

Klaatu barada nickto

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Actually it's true, the Antonov have been making some flights in Chimore Bolivia, as far as I know some special procedures had been defined to operate with no problems.

Walter Almaraz


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Video processing in my opinion. You can see the wires getting clipped (via editing not wings).

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There are three things going on here to make it look like it is flying under/through the wires and leads to calls of fake. NASA face this problem all the time!

Firstly it is actually higher than it looks but your impression is that it is lower due to its massive size.

Secondly the cables are very thin and the aircraft underside is similar in colour. To resolve something so thin against changing background contrast levels takes a very high quality camera and lens. You can see the cables fading in and out into the distance even when the aircraft is not 'cutting' them. This is similar to the effect seen on nasa moon photos where the reference crosses appear 'behind' bright objects. To overcome this limitation you would need a much more capable lens and sensor.

Thirdly apply video compression to the above, first from the phone and secondly from the video hosting site. In full screen you can clearly see the artifacts and pixelation.

All these combine to produce a substandard video and give the impression that something is off with it or it is fake. This is a common call out on the internet, you will see countless examples where people call fake for real things that don't look as they expect them to. This is because the laws of physics mean taking perfect photos and videos and displaying them back is actually really hard to do, even for professionals with specialist equipment never mind consumer grade equipment with tiny apature lenses, small sensors and high compression processing.


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Absolutely fake.

According to Google the standard height for power lines 40 feet.

The AN25 is 59ft 7in high.

The rest of the math is easy.



I'm first generation Norwegian American.  You know what they say about Norwegians.  You can always tell a Norwegian, but you can't tell him much.

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2 hours ago, birdguy said:

Absolutely fake.

The video is not fake, it's just an optical illusion and the Antonov is actually flying above the power lines (tutmeister explained the reasons very well in his post above). The other video linked from another point of view also shows it's flying above the lines.

"The problem with quotes on the Internet is that it is hard to verify their authenticity." [Abraham Lincoln]

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The focus of the video makes the power lines "invisible" because of where the focus actually is with relation to the aircraft's surface.  A thin line can easily disappear visually in motion shots like this.

Ed Wilson

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