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Little Navmap stable release 2.0.3 - Bugfix release

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Little Navmap 2.0.3 released

Direct download: Windows - macOS - Linux (64 bit)

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This release contains mostly bugfixes.

Changes from Release 2.0.2 to 2.0.3

Online Networks

  • Fixed issue where simulator, AI or multiplayer aircraft did not move or were not updated on the map with certain settings.
  • Now showing both online client and simulator aircraft tabs if user clicks on own aircraft when using online network.
  • Both online and simulator information is now shown when clicking on shadow AI/multiuser/simulator aircraft.
  • Fixed issue where online ATC was not removed from the map when the related center shut down.
  • Online network ACC and FIR regions now have a default radius of 100.
  • Removed error dialog for online network downloads. Now showing online network errors/status in statusbar on the connection status label and tooltip.
  • Fixed issue when parsing whazzup with small timeintervals. (atools)
  • Now assuming that aircraft is on ground for VATSIM and GS smaller than 30 kts (VATSIM has no on ground indication). (atools)
  • Fixed wrong tooltip for online shadow aircraft which appear both in simulator and online network. Now showing tooltip for simulator aircraft.

User Interface

  • Rearranged controls in search window to allow smaller dock windows.
  • Now showing warning message box if SSL/HTTPS was not initialized due to missing MSVC redist installation or other issues.
  • Increased size of status bar field for time to avoid creeping/flickering field in macOS.

Flight Plan

  • Fixed several issues with copy CSV to clipboard from flight plan and search result tables.
  • Fixed issue where route type (High/Low Alt) was assigned wrongly after flight plan calculation or loading flight plan.
  • Fixes for flight factor flight plan export to corte.in. RNAV approaches should be recognized now.
  • Flight plan names for flight factor flight plan export to corte.in are now made unique when saving.
  • Fixed issues with export for flight plans for iFly 737 that could crash the simulator. (atools)
  • Fixed issue where translated parking names were used in PLN files which resulted in wrong flight plan departure in saved file. This can appear in the French and Spanish translation. #243


  • Added departure and destination to map label for online network and AI aircraft.
  • Disabled SSL for OpenMapSurfer theme due to problems on macOS.
  • Now hiding all airspaces at small zoom distance when airport diagram is shown.
  • Fixed issue where airspace was not displayed when selecting “show information”.
  • Now ignoring null frequencies on airspaces.
  • Fixed issues with map context menu where “Show …” and “Show … in search” used the wrong map objects, i.e. “Show Network Client” showed airport in information window.
  • Now using consistent priority where online and simulator aircraft are now prioritized above airports when clicking in the map for all show functions.


  • Fixed issue where program cannot be opened by Linux file managers.
  • Fixed translation issues in navserver resulting in confusing messages in Little Navconnect log window. (atools)
  • Now showing coordinates in userpoint search result table. A “Reset View” from the context menu is required to show the new columns.
  • Increased Garmin userdata export ident length. (atools)
  • Fixed issue where aprons from stock airports remained in add-ons when loading FSX or P3D scenery.
  • Fixed missing first update of X-Plane weather when starting X-Plane after Little Navmap.
  • Now disabling less used search options on first startup after initial installation to get a less cluttered user interface.
  • Added option to disable less used type filters in nav search.
  • Workaround for partially invalid NDB and waypoint structures in APX27190.bgl from P3D v4.3 which causes errors when reading the scenery library.
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I just want to once again say

Thank You for your amazing ongoing contributions to our world of flight simming!



I9-9900KS @5.1Ghz/ Corsair H115i / Gigabyte A-390 Master / EVGA RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Hybrid w 11Gb / Trident 32Gb DDR4-3200 C14 / Evo 970 2Tb M.2 / Samsung 40inch TV 40ku6300 3840x2160 res @30 hz  / Corsair AX850 PS / VKB Gunfighter Pro / Virpil MongoosT-50 Throttle / MFG Crosswind Pedals /   LINDA, VoiceAttack, ChasePlane, FFTF, Pilot2ATC, Oculus Rift-S VR 

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Many thanks for this wonderful program. It is exactly what I have been looking for .




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