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Forward control too fast

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I've got the keys: up,down, right, left, pagup and pagdown removed from the P3Dv4.3 And I am using Chaseplane 0.4.212

Then, in Preferences-> Control Assignments, the mentionated keys assigned to forward, backward, move right, move left, move up and move down.

The problem I have is that the forward  moves too fast, that's impossible to control, it goes outside the plane right away. The rest of the control assignments move smothly without problems.

Any ideas why this odd behavior?




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Very strange, can you post a video of it?

Keven Menard 
Technical Director, //42

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Hello Keven,
First of all it was happening on a just one preset: Aerosoft DHC6 300 WHEEL. This one, I created some months ago and I just reloaded 2-3 days ago (after formatting HD and re-installing everything). The rest of the presets are working Ok.
After messing around, what I did was delete all the cameras (on board, static, outside)- of the Aerosoft DHC6 300 WHEEL, close simulator, reboot; and create, or import cameras. Now is working Ok.

Thank you very much for your reply,




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