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Need help with repainting a Carenado C206

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I'm attempting my first repaint. It's a Carenado C206, and I'm using the blank BMP textures downloaded from Carendo's website. I've done a good bit of research into tutorials, examples, etc. in order to get just this far.

My process has been as follows:

-Open the BMP file with DXTBmp
-Send to editor (in my case, GIMP)
-Repaint in GIMP, adding layers in multiply mode
-Save in GIMP (overwriting the imported file norm.bmp)
-Reload after edit in DXTBmp
-Test DDS (they all look OK - or at least, they look like the original BMP files)
-Flip image & alpha
-Save as DDS3

The aircraft textures in FSX will appear as desired. The problem is that the windows are black and non-transparent. You can't see out the windows in VC, although you can in the 2D cockpit.

I should also mention that I've downloaded another C206 repaint (G-PLUM) and have been using it as a guide. I can detect no differences in those DDS images and mine, but the G-PLUM aircraft works fine, and mine doesn't, sadly.

Obviously I'm missing something simple (I hope). Can anyone lend some advice?



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Make sure to reload the alpha layers from the original into the new file.
Without this alpha no transparency on the windows.


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