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Sully Airlines

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Hello if anyone has the time to create me a plane for my new virtual airlines Sully Airlines that would be great please let me know. All I want on the plane is Sully Airlines across the sides and on the bottom in black lettering and I would like and would like the plane to look like a mint plane that just had a new paint. You can do anything you want with it but please have Sully Airlines  on the sides and on the bottom. I do not have a paint kit for this is my first plane please if anyone can do this let men know. Sincerely Ian Sullivan.


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Hey I'd like to help, but first a few questions.

Do you still need it?

What aircraft?

What routes does Sully Operate?

Low cost budget Airline or Premium Airline?

Where is Sully Based?

Colorful Artsy or neat and tidy?

And then I need your Logo.


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